Bjorn Shen

Bjorn Shen is an award-winning Singaporean chef who loves to incorporate daring twists to the meaning of food. Dishes that he prepares are not for the faint-hearted as he creates menus that show off the bold contrast in the way he uses ingredients. Think potato chip tabbouleh with maple labneh dressing or even the bold chicken skin sundae made of coconut ice cream, salted palm sugar, butterscotch and fried chicken skins. 

His distinctive offerings can be seen in the quirky restaurant that he owns in Singapore’s art district – Artichoke. He’s built this brand to promote Middle Eastern cuisine with a playful and spontaneous twist while offering distinctive fare that is close to his heart. 

Bjorn Shen is also a true entrepreneur with several accolades to his name. He holds a Bachelor’s in Hospitality and a Master’s in Marketing. In addition to lecturing at the Culinary Institute of America in Singapore, he’s also a monthly columnist with Time Out. His popular cookbook ‘Artichoke – recipes and stories from Singapore’s most rebellious kitchen’ has many stories to tell of his journey of cooking food with a ‘rebellious streak’ where he messes with ingredients that others may frown upon.  Not only does he does several TV shows, he also owns and oversees other food brands such as Bird Bird and Neh Neh Pop.
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