Tim Anderson

The youngest MasterChef on BBC1, London-based Tim Anderson is a food writer, author of ‘Nanban: Japanese Soul Food’ and the owner of ‘Nanban,’ a quirky Japanese restaurant in Brixton, London’s colourful culinary neighbourhood.  He incorporates his American heritage and love for worldwide culinary tourism into the dishes he prepares while taking inspiration from regional Japanese food.  

Specifically, he has been influenced by the food culture of Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. Bringing those bold flavours and foreign culinary influences into the ‘Nanban’ cuisine as well as sourcing fresh ingredients from the Brixton Market has made ‘Nanban’ stand out as a restaurant which is a delightful and fresh culinary treasure. 

Since three years, Tim has collaborated with Electrolux as a partner chef and has worked on many exciting projects including Taste of Dubai.
  • Taste of Dubai

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