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Top ten Emirati eateries to try

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Dubai’s Top Ten Emirati Hidden Gems 20190108T172759 20190220T094827:636862529072342736 Cuisine & Dining New Emirati eateries pop up across the city frequently, fulfilling the demands of locals and tourists for authentic yet affordable fare. Now you can taste the best Emirati flavours at these top ten Emirati Hidden Gems that were nominated by Zomato and Round Menu. Dine at the Emirati eateries during Dubai Food Festival to satisfy your craving for heart-warming local delicacies. Here’s your guide to top ten alternative Emirati restaurants.

New Emirati eateries pop up across Dubai frequently, fulfilling the demands of locals and tourists for authentic yet affordable fare. Satisfy your cravings for heart-warming local delicacies at these top ten eateries.

Local Bites Café

Relax in this charming café in the Umm Suqeim area, renowned for affordable and authentic Emirati food. Try balaleet with eggs, luqaimat, khabees and chabab. Close to the beach, the café is much sought after by those who prefer to have a snack before wandering to the seaside.

Umm Suqeim, + 971 4 388 3659



A modern eatery in Boxpark, Logma is a winner for those who love contemporary twists to local food. From khameer sandwiches to healthy salads using quinoa as a base, this eatery promises all foodies a delightful introduction to the world of modern Emirati cuisine.

Boxpark, +971 800 56462



Situated in the heart of The Dubai Mall, Milas is known for its local interpretations of international favourites and is a great place to refuel during a shopping spree. This is where you can tuck into Emirati styled chicken pasta as well as small beef shawarma bites filled with local goodness.

The Dubai Mall, + 971 4 388 2313


Zaman Awal

With its traditional decor and historic setting by Dubai Creek, Zaman Awal provides the perfect backdrop for its menu of authentic regional dishes at great-value prices. Enjoy the relaxing ambience as you sip on karak tea or tuck in to fresh sambousek pastries and hearty harees.

Al Boom Tourist Village, Umm Hurair, + 971 4 324 3000


Aden Restaurant

For generous, low-priced portions and views of Dubai Creek, it doesn’t get much better than Aden. Join the locals for a feast of grilled fish, succulent meats, salads, homemade breads and more. Forego the regular seating tables for a place on the carpeted floors.

Baniyas Street, + 971 4 235 3330


Al Barza Restaurant & Café

Looking for traditional Emirati food with contemporary presentation in Jumeirah 1? Step into Al Barza Restaurant & Café where you’ll be served some of the most authentic biryanis and curries in the city. Or choose between an Arabic breakfast with halloumi cheese or sumptuous grilled meats.

Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, + 971 4 343 5910


Al Jalboot Restaurant

For a taste of ‘tradition with a twist,’ fresh seafood as well as the warm hospitality that Dubai is known for, this upscale authentic eatery in Umm Suqeim is a firm favourite. Round off your meal with a pot of tea served over hot sand and charcoal.

Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim, + 971 4 321 5177


Local House

Intrigued by the thought of tasting camel meat? Local House is the best place to try a camel burger, kebab and even fried camel milk ice cream. Take a seat in the pleasant courtyard and enjoy a unique dining experience. Don’t forget to try their traditional coffee.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, + 971 4 354 0705


Al Gharshoob

Specialising in Emirati cuisine and seafood, this traditional restaurant is well-loved by locals and is known for its tasty choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Rashidiya. Their authentic breads and charcoal grilled lamb chops are a favourite.

Nad Al Hamar, Ras Al Khor, + 971 4 285 2555


Bait Al Bahar

Located next to the Offshore Sailing Club in Jumeirah 3, Bait Al Bahar offers diners a beautiful seaside setting. The menu is international but features a few standout traditional tastes such as the delicious Arabic coffee, Emirati biryani and grilled harissa chicken.

Umm Suqeim, + 971 4 394 4441

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