Ibn Battuta Mall

Experience Ibn Battuta's travels for yourself as you travel from court to court
Ibn Battuta Mall encompasses a world where several different cultures and traditions come together. Inspired by the legendary adventures of Muhammad Ibn Battuta, a medieval Moroccan traveller and explorer, the mall will take you on a voyage of the most popular places visited by the scholar. 

The spirit of China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia are found under one roof at this extraordinarily decorated and thematically designed mall. Through the courts of China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia, you’ll encounter sunken ships and glorious mosaics, giant wooden elephants and ancient pyramids, all while indulging in some much-needed retail therapy.

Shopping, dining and entertainment is what the mall does best with a large selection of different cuisines to choose from. Coffee shops, a food court and a vast selection of restaurants are guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s cravings.  

Homeware, cosmetics and electronics are just a glimpse of some of the products you can find. Ibn Battuta Mall is the perfect getaway whether you’re seeking some peaceful shopping time or taking the family out for a full day of fun.

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Ibn Battuta Mall


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