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Arabic Culture

arabic culture
Used in the context of "council", Majlis is used to describe various types of special gatherings among common interest groups be it administrative, social or religious. Just like the Roman Forum was to the Roman Empire, the Majlis is the cornerstone of Emirati civilization. Long before the term of knowledge hub was even born, the ancient tribes of the Arabian Gulf coast pursued a culture of knowledge exchange. The Majlis, translating to ‘sitting or top level meeting place’ has been the setting for business meetings from the heyday of the silk route. The United Arab Emirates continues to adhere to the firm belief that understanding and exploring each other’s viewpoints and expertise are key to positively impacting future societies.

Despite Dubai’s immense economic development and globalization over the decades, the design of Dubai’s Majlis has remained the same, a tie to the roots of local civilisation. According to UNESCO, the Majlis of the UAE contributes to the world’s heritage by “playing an important role in the transmission of oral heritage.”

Today, the tradition of exchanging ideas to enrich debate and provide better solutions for the generations to come takes on new shapes and formats. As Dubai is working to create a knowledge-based economy, and establish itself as regional and global hub for expertise and knowledge, Dubai Business Events will concentrate its efforts to attract conferences and exhibitions that will bring a high calibre of industry leaders to the city.

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