Key Economic & Scientific Sectors

Innovation supports ambition

Innovation and inspiration are key to Dubai’s past successes and future growth and an increasing culture of pioneering research and groundbreaking development ensures that Dubai is not only the Middle East’s leading destination for new initiatives, but also a global knowledge base.

Though Dubai moved away from traditional trading and looked to its natural resources for sustenance in the latter half of the 20th century, revenue from oil was soon complemented and later almost replaced with a knowledge-based and services driven economy.

The inspirational and innovative businesses which establish themselves in Dubai are supported by the Emirate’s overwhelming ambition to drive technology, pioneer new innovation and foster thought leadership.

World class leaders in trade, logistics, financial services, hospitality and tourism, real estate, construction and manufacturing now make up over 90% of business activity in the Emirate.

This diversification, along with its strategic location, world class infrastructure and ease of business philosophy make it the natural choice for local and international organisations to either begin operations or expand into the Middle East.

Although its meteoric rise may have been swift, Dubai is well established as the Middle East’s prime destination for the regional headquarters of multinational corporations. Its global reputation as a wealth generator and investment stronghold continues to drive the city’s growth and attract both worldwide corporations and international SMEs.

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