Corporate Social Responsibility

There are several humanitarian and charitable organizations in the UAE that serve the community, build awareness and support worthy causes. Getting involved with the local community by supporting our charitable organisations can add a meaningful dimension to your event, and provide your organisation with the opportunity to engage locally in a significant and memorable way.

  • Al Noor Dubai is a training centre for children with special needs
  • Dubai Autism Centre (DAC) is focused on providing various services for children with autism and their families
  • Emirates Arthritis Foundation (EAF) is a non-profit organization that contributes to the welfare of the entire region by providing an extensive range of events and programs to support arthritis patients
  • Dubai Centre For Special Needs is an established, non-profit institution that provides the highest standards of specialised education and therapy for children with various disabilities
  • Special Needs Families Centre (SNF) is a community of families with special needs individuals who come together for support and guidance
  • Emirates Environmental Group is a professional working group devoted to protecting the environment through education, action programs and community involvement
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