Leisure Event Support

Dubai Calendar is the official event listing in Dubai, both visitors and residents can discover and learn about the spectacular events that the city offers. Dubai has a dynamic and eclectic year-round events calendar spanning arts and culture, community, family, lifestyle, live entertainment and sports.

The Dubai Calendar team works hand to hand with event organisers to support leisure events. The support that we provide includes the following:

  • Listing the event on the Dubai calendar website.
  • Providing local and international marketing.
  • Government and logistics support.
  • Financial investment.
For a leisure event to be eligible for listing on Dubai Calendar, the event must meet the following criteria:

            The event must:
  • Be held in Dubai.
  • Hold an approved Dubai Government event permit or be a recognized annual event by Dubai Tourism.
  • Have a start and end date - however may not be any longer than 30 days (will be placed as an experience).
  • Be open to the general public - ticketed or non-ticketed.
  • Be culturally sensitive - Adhere to the UAE customs and culture.
            The event must not:
  • Be a private function or a closed invitation event.
  • Be tied to the promotion of a brand such as a new product launch, special offering or in-store promotion/ entertainment.
  • Be  focused on selling art, retail or commercial products.
  • Be an audition, workshop, course or class.
  • Be an individual school event, program or holiday camp.
  • Be for personal benefit, such as weddings, graduations, reunions, anniversaries, birthdays etc.
  • Have programmes for political organisations whose primary purpose is to influence legislation.
  • Promote alcohol, firearms, weapons, pornography, gambling/lottery, political issues and comparative sponsorship.
For all other support we look for events that will help:

  • Attract visitors from Dubai’s key international markets.
  • Promote and market Dubai locally and internationally.
  • Build Dubai’s reputation as a global events destination.
  • Build advocacy from the local community.
Following receipt of a formal proposal the Dubai Calendar team assesses each event to determine whether it fits the event funding criteria listed above and annual allocated budgets. Please note that the event proposal should be received a minimum of four months before the proposed event date.

To submit your event proposal or for further information on event support available from Dubai Tourism please email
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