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Dubai is a city well-known for its ability to host world -class events. Our unparalleled success in creating, attracting and hosting events and festivals has seen the city develop a unique, year-round calendar of events that entertains residents and visitors from around the world and contributes to the growth of the emirate’s economy.

Dubai’s thriving festivals and events industry has been the catalyst for millions of visitors to the city. These events are supported by government, industry, the local community and tourists alike. And Dubai’s success in attracting, creating and hosting events has cemented our place on the world stage being awarded the IFEA world festival event city award five times!

Dubai’s active and vibrant events industry, which is continually developing, has grown exponentially over the last ten years, making the city a hub for event professionals in the Middle East region.

Dubai’s capacity to accommodate events of all shapes and sizes means we are always on the lookout for new events to partner with us. Dubai Calendar supports events that add to the richness and diversity of Dubai’s annual calendar of events whether it be sports, arts and culture, community, lifestyle, Family or live entertainment.

IFEA award submission.

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