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  • Poor customer service, dirty room, bathroom stinks
    We stayed at white fort hotel for 4 days in Feb 2017, our experience was less than comfortable. The bathroom has a very bad smell and the discoloured white tiles give an unpleasant feeling... The towels and sheets were disgustingly dirty. Customer service was terrible since we had to make multiple request to get things done. Especially, they never clean the room while we're away. No drinking water bottles were provided that was disappointing. Staffs were friendly though, but they're very slacking overall
  • Location is key, you can forget about everything else.
    Like they usually say, location location location is the key to most real estate properties. It applies also to hotels, this hotel is a three star 🌟 with a 5 star location if you haven't been this beautiful city already. You will be mesmerized from the time you set your foot into that taxi to the hotel to the minute you get out of that taxi. White fort hotel is centrally located to everything you will need in a walkable distance or a short taxi ride away. The rooms... What should i say, it's a typical 3 star with a medium to almost dirty floors and rugs! I liked the fact that they have a mibibar in the room. That's convenient if you prefer convince. Ok beds with clean linen, thank God! And ok amenities. At the price one pays for the hotel, this is an ok standard. Remember location location location, that is 5 star in my view, unless you like it completely quiet and isolated!
  • Poor hygiene, cleanliness and customer service.
    We stayed at this hotel for 4 days in October 2016 & our stay was less than comfortable. The reasons were: 1. The cleanliness was seriously lacking. The towels & sheets were dirty. It took multiple requests to get them replaced we never got hand towels 2. During our stay I saw Atleast 5-6 cockroaches. The hotel needs to be fumigated. 3. The mattresses were uneven and dipped . A request to the supervisor was required for replacement. The new one was the same. 4. Paying over $100 for a room we are not provided with drinking water bottles or tea bags. 5. Hotel staff talk loudly in the hallways disturbing the guests.
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