The best desserts in Dubai’s malls
Chill out with a sweet treat

Take a break from shopping and pop by one of these restaurants or cafes for a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you prefer a classic ice-cream cone, chilled sweet beverage or something a little more intricate, there’s a dessert on the menu to match your cravings.

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Ice-cream at Katsuya

Ice-cream at Katsuya

This stylish Japanese restaurant has won fans for its modern interpretation of sushi and nigari. But master chef Katsuya Uechi has also made his mark on the desserts menu, offering a number of Japanese-inspired sweets to end your meal. While the green tea mousse cake, double chocolate lava cake and yuzu tart are all tempting, it’s the simple dish of ice-cream and sorbet selections that will impress. Diners can try various flavours – think strawberry and zesty citrus – garnished with fresh berries and flowers, and served in a shallow dish of ice.

Katsuya by Starck, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai
+971 4 419 0067

Smoothies at Common Grounds

Smoothies at Common Grounds

While the pastries at this Australian-style café are a favourite among shoppers at the Mall of the Emirates, with flaky croissants and fruit and custard-filled pastries, there’s also gold to be found on the drinks menu. Common Ground’s range of smoothies include fruit and vegetable blends, plus a few treats in the form of their frothy old-fashioned milkshakes. The Coffee & Dreams smoothie is made from a chilled blend of 85% dark chocolate, sorbet, banana and cacao nibs.

Common Grounds, Mall of the Emirates

+971 50 478 1094

Mykonos scallops at HUQQA

Mykonos scallops at HUQQA

HUQQA caters to those with great taste in style and dining alike. The highlight of the Anatolian restaurant’s decadent dessert menu is the Mykonos scallops plate. A gargantuan offering of crisp Tulipan fried dough cases filled with decadent princess cream and moist, dark chocolate brownie, and topped off with ice-cream, fruit and caramel sauce, it’s a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. This super-sized dessert will easily feed three to four people, so resist the temptation to order one just for yourself.

HUQQA, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai

+971 4 566 8557

Acai bowl at Wild & the Moon

Acai bowl at Wild & the Moon

Located in Dubai Festival City Mall, Wild & the Moon has a menu which follows an all-raw, vegan and organic philosophy, with all dishes prepared fresh daily. Toeing the line between breakfast meal and hearty dessert, its acai bowl is a firm favourite for diners looking for something a little sweeter. Made from frozen acai berry puree, banana and a dash of coconut milk, and then topped with fresh mixed berries and house-made granola, this bowl is the perfect pick-me-up sweetness hit, that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Wild & the Moon, Dubai Festival City Mall

+971 800 9453

Peppermint crisp souffle at Brunswick

Peppermint crisp souffle at Brunswick

Brunswick at Mall of the Emirates boasts a menu that glosses up some of our café favourites. The dessert menu offers thoughtful flavours in decent-sized servings making for the perfect dessert. For a refreshing treat, try the new peppermint crisp souffle. A throwback to the childhood favourite chocolate bar, this dessert is all grown-up. The rich yet delicate souffle partnered with creamy chocolate sorbet and peppermint custard, makes for an after-dinner mint that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Brunswick, Sheraton Hotel, Mall of the Emirates

+971 56 404 0685