Freediving UAE

Plunge into the underwater world
Go beyond human boundaries with a heroic plunge into the deep blue Gulf. Liberating and empowering, Freediving UAE provides the breathtaking thrill of exploring the sea while holding your breath. Free of all diving equipment, you'll be able to experience the mystery of the sea in silence, magnifying the sights of the incredible underwater world.

Before you start your adventure, you'll have to grab a pair of fins and a snorkel at one of the multi-level classes. Freediving courses are all AIDA official (the worldwide federation for breath-hold diving), meaning you'll be learning from the best. You can enter at Level I or Level II, depending on your comfort level with swimming – and work your way up to Level IV if you fancy going pro.

Freediving UAE is the only company in the UAE that focuses on freediving training. They are a community of explorers committed to promoting and enhancing the adventures of the deep sea. So dive in and connect to the serenity of the sea with one of the many experiences posted on their website.

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