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Manage your finances

Student life and learning to live on a budget go hand in hand and there are plenty of ways to make sure every dollar goes that little bit further in Dubai.

Student Savers

Many of Dubai's universities have student discounts in place with negotiated discounts at major retailers, attractions, hotels, medical centres, gyms and restaurant chains that simply require you to show your official university ID at point of purchase.

An International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is globally recognised and offers more than 125,000 benefits/discounts in over 130 countries, including the UAE. Apply online ( or via a local issuing office to take advantage of deals and discounts on everything from software licenses, digital communications and magazine subscriptions to music streaming, dining, festivals, public transport, theme parks, sporting events and world heritage sites.

Dubai Metro is a lifeline for students without their own vehicles or who don't want to rely on taking taxis everywhere. Get a Blue Nol card for 50% off the already super low-priced fare.

If Apple is your technology brand of choice, the global Apple Education pricing initiative will net you a student discount on your next laptop or PC (with the discount also available for parents) at any of its Dubai stores.

Big screen student discounts are a staple at Novo Cinemas and Vox Cinemas with weekday deals and if you choose to go with either a Du or Etisalat telecoms package for your mobile and home Internet then Du Tuesdays and Etisalat Wednesdays equal half price tickets at selected cinemas.

Restaurant delivery sites like and offer every kind of cuisine under the sun and run frequent promotions for cash-conscious students. The Zomato Gold programme is an added value membership programme packed with even more discounts and perks at hundreds of Dubai eateries.

It's also worth considering investing a few hundred dirhams on The Entertainer app for access to fabulous dining, fitness and hotel discounts for 12 months or signing up for meal deals, wellness offers and discounted experiences on and

On-campus Jobs

Most universities in Dubai let you pursue on-campus work opportunities and view it as a valuable extension to academic life and way to gain some real-world experience. Roles in admin departments, the library, onsite retail outlets and other areas are usually overseen by the student employment co-ordinator. You'll need to be a star student to be considered, so keep those grades up to be in with a chance!

Scholarships and grants

Dubai's higher education community recognises the investment burden required to pursue a degree on foreign shores, and many international university branches offer a number of financial incentives, rewards, aid and scholarships to new, continuing and meritorious students each year.

Read on to learn more about active scholarship and grant programmes from some of Dubai's top tertiary education institutes.


  • Financial aid disbursements
  • 10-50% off tuition fee costs depending on circumstances and merit
  • Family study discounts averaging around 10% for siblings
  • Early application discounts
  • Full advance fee payment
  • Corporate discount for multiple students from the same company
  • Grants
  • Postgraduate and professional study grants
  • Alumni study grants offering discounts of up to 20% on further study
  • Scholarships
  • Academic excellence awards of 20-90%
  • Sports scholarships
  • International student scholarships covering up to 50% of tuition fees
  • Merit scholarships
  • Community engagement scholarships (up to 30% on average)