Get a head start on your future

Dubai's open-door policy attracts the brightest young minds from around the world to its high-profile universities

The city is even more student friendly thanks to recent legislative changes that offer extended study and post-graduation visas in addition to the regular one-year renewable student visa. The Dubai advantage of a safe and welcoming city, rounded lifestyle and the security of knowing your time as a student is free of red tape, makes it a winning destination for students looking for best-in-class internationally recognised degree programmes and world-class career prospects.

Are you a high achiever?

If you are an outstanding student and all-round high achiever then Dubai is the obvious choice to pursue your degree and career ambitions. Did you graduate from public or private secondary school with a final grade of 95% or above? Or are you a university student with a distinctive UAE or international university awarded GPA of at least 3.75? If the answer is yes, then you could be eligible for a five-year study visa.

And it gets even better. If you are an exceptional student, you could well be eligible for a 10-year residency visa that will set you on the right path for career success post-graduation.