A Global City

Live, learn and thrive in the heart of a world-leading global knowledge economy

A future-forward city with a reputation for pioneering innovation, Dubai is home to a multicultural community of innovators, entrepreneurs and visionary game changers - a place where aspirations become reality. Choose to study in Dubai and you'll not only gain a world-class education but be an active player in shaping the future, whatever your chosen field or interest.

Students from across the globe choose Dubai for its enviable standard of living, its access to the largest selection of renowned international universities anywhere in the world and its diverse career-enhancing ecosystem.

As a hyper-connected business-first hub with a "nothing is impossible" mindset, Dubai is the top destination for start-ups and high achievers in the region, attracting big thinkers and big ambition.

From a flourishing innovation sector populated by the world's best-known tech names, software brands and digital media giants to its track record as an acknowledged R&D incubator and in-demand location as fertile ground for future enablement and opportunity, Dubai ticks all the boxes for academic trailblazers and visionaries.

A global financial centre, re-export hub and transhipment nexus, Dubai is also the strategic commercial crossroads between East and West. Its superlative land, sea and air infrastructure connectivity opens the doors to the world's most valuable markets from emerging Africa and the rapidly advancing E7 economic powerhouses of China and India to its GCC neighbours.

From the myriad benefits of intellectual and cultural immersion into a future-forward knowledge economy and access to industry thought leaders and an international community of like-minded peers, to living in a city that values the individual, embraces diversity and encourages unity, Dubai is the ultimate career catalyst.