Ranches Restaurant & Bar

Ranches Restaurant & Bar
Détendez-vous au Ranches Restaurant & Bar
Allez en voiture jusqu'au havre de la banlieue d'Arabian Ranches et rendez-vous à l'adresse favorite du quartier, le bien nommé Ranches Restaurant & Bar. Vous y trouverez une cuisine sans prétention dans le cadre confortable d'un bar lounge et restaurant de golf, qui met en avant les plats britanniques traditionnels. En hiver, installez-vous en terrasse pour un repas plus intime avec vue sur le parcours. Le mardi, il y a une soirée quiz populaire, et en semaine, des buffets à thème sont organisés.
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  • Ranches Restaurant & Bar

    Dimanche to Samedi, 6:30am to 12:00am

    +971 [0] 4 360 7935

    Arabian Ranches Golf Club, E311 Shk Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Wadi Al Safa 6, Dubai Land

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  • The place is not the same anymore
    Went there yesterday around 3 pm ( have visited in the past as I live next to the place). The place was literally dirty, plus a lot of of flies...when complained to the manager (female lady) she didn’t even bother to talk with us. Definitely not a place for food (price is high end too not matching the food quality..).
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  • Breakfast with a kick
    I recomment special breakfast which was top notch... Not to forget the accompanments... Tranquil place to begin a day,sipping on a morning hot beverage especially thiz winter season while having a vast view of the golfcourse horizon with activities in there. AIPERI was fantastic well vast in the knowledge of what she does... She kept me in the know of the promotions on offer and took me through the UBlack.. Registration... Thanks alot AIPERI. I recommend this place.. En will come back ofcourse with friends..
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  • Golf Club - great after party but a little short on the food front
    I had the great pleasure to stay at Arabian Ranches Golf - see a separate review - and as part of this stay I had a late lunch with my family at the restaurant - Ranches. It was a mixed experience - the staff were generally great and attentive - but I was just a little disappointed by the food. Not that it was bad - it just wasn't great. My girls shared the Cheese burger and it was only half eaten - which if shared is still half eaten. My ex and I had a bite each and it was understandable - it was a burger with cheese but not much else on a very sweet bun. Contrast this with a great plate of garlic prawns, a tasty plate of nachos, and a very well put together Burrata plate. Main vegan salad was a surprise but probably not with a great base of really good humus. Order the Jumbo Prawns if you like shell fish - really quite good!! So then to the aftermath. Children to bed and then partake of the live entertainment. Really good - and some of the best "techno supported" music and a great Filipino voice. Then comes the hammer - the espresso martini - one of the best i have had and I have had a few!! So what can I say - a game of two halves. If you have two halves to play then see them thru - you will leave as I did - not enamoured with the food but embraced by the experience.
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