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Berlokasi di Deira, hotel yang modis ini dilengkapi dengan layanan kamar 24 jam, check-in/check-out ekspres dan parkir valet. Menyajikan masakan lokal, Residence menyediakan suasana nyaman untuk pengalaman bersantap yang menyenangkan. Hotel ini memiliki 84 kamar dan baru saja direnovasi. Layanan transfer airport, dry clean, layanan laundry dan penitipan bayi tersedia sesuai pesanan. Kamarnya Dubai Palm Hotel yang modis ini menyediakan sandal dan kulkas. Setiap kamar mandi dilengkapi dengan pengering rambut dan shower. Para tamu dari Dubai Palm Hotel dapat beristirahat di bar yang tersedia, bertempat ideal untuk mereka yang ingin tinggal dekat untuk bersosialisasi di malam hari. Dubai Palm Hotel berada diantara tempat atraksi turis terkenal dan hanya 20 menit berjalan kaki menuju ke Al Ghurair City. Dubai International Financial Centre, Sungai Dubai dan Burj Khalifa lokasinya sekitar 20 menit dengan berkendaraan dari hotel ini.
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  • Dubai Palm Hotel

    PO Box 21969, Deira, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab

    PO Box 21969, Deira, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab Palm Hotel/@25.273098,55.3197937

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  • Poor standards, poorer communication. Not a 3-star hotel. Don't stay here.
    I had already tried contacting the management to discuss these issues before writing this review, but I received no response. I shouldn't have been surprised, as they didn't bother responding to any messages I had sent days before about an early check-in. This is a "three-star" hotel being run at a two-star (or less) standard. The worst part is the absolute lack of communication and zero standards of customer service, especially by the daytime reception staff. - I recall seeing each daytime receptionist smile once in my whole two-day stay at Dubai Palm. The rest of the time they seemed grumpy and preoccupied with other work, even when they should have been paying attention to their guests. I have not ever seen this sour attitude in any other Dubai hotels or restaurants, so this was a minor shock. - As mentioned above, I requested an early check-in by email and received no response. On arrival, I was finally told to wait until midday to check in. - When they asked me to pay upon check-in, they told me a price that was higher than quoted. I understood this included the various taxes, but this was never explained. Another guest who questioned this "addition" was rudely told that it applies to everyone and was shown the notice explaining the taxes. There was no diplomacy or politeness from that receptionist; only a rude, abrupt attitude. - I had to ask whether they intended to keep my passport at reception when they didn't give it back. I was told to collect it in half an hour. Again, no explanation why. - Upon signing the agreement to stay, I noticed an "ALCOHOL PROHIBITED" clause included. This is not listed anywhere else on their material or rules, and it seems to be a pretext for kicking people out if they wanted. Ironically, this hotel has several clubs so I assume the clause refers to duty-free alcohol. They did not give me a copy of the signed agreement. ...notice that I'm not even in my room yet... - I had asked for a double bed room, but they sent me to a twin room. I asked to change to a room that I had booked, and was told there were no other rooms available. My main concern is that they didn't bother telling me that they'd checked me into a twin room. Another example of a basic lack of communication and courtesy on their part. - The hotel folder in the room mentioned a "fully stocked minibar", and on the outside of the minibar was a list of items and prices. The minibar itself was empty and old. There were no tea/coffee facilities, or even a kettle - this has always been a minimum standard in a real three-star hotel. When I ordered two beers via room service, I was charged a higher price than shown on the minibar menu (I'll add that the menu prices already included taxes and service charges). The staff's excuse was "Sorry, but it costs more now." Poor communication once again, and expecting the guest to just accept it. - The room wasn't filthy as such, but I could see the cleaners had done a lazy job of vacuuming. I binned several items left on the floor by previous guests. - A number of the handles, knobs and railings in both the room and ensuite were loose. I repaired them myself, and I wonder why a simple maintenance check isn't done on a regular basis. - In the evening, it is extremely easy to simply for outsiders to walk into the hotel and take the elevators up to the guest rooms. I've seen much better standards of security in other 3-star Dubai hotels. It is ironic that the hotel has a strict "marriage certificate" policy when checking in couples, but wouldn't look twice if you walk in with random people off the street. - The breakfast buffet lacked variety and was clearly done on the cheap. The "foul medamas" dish was actually tinned baked beans with pepper added. I watched four waiters chat at the counter for five or more minutes before any of them realised we had run out of bread. On the second day I arrived at the beginning of breakfast service, and all of the supposedly hot dishes were COLD. - At no time upon checking out was I asked how my stay was. In general, the worst part was the lack of communication between hotel staff and guests, made worse by a zero understanding of customer service. I was left with the impression that the management simply doesn't care at all. There are a number of other hotels located around Al Muteena/Salah Din, and I recommend staying at those, even if it means paying a few more dirham per night. Avoid Dubai Palm Hotel - it's not worth it.
  • Terrible Stinky Place
    I stayed here only because of the price but this was one of the biggest mistake I made in my life. Whole place stinks. The hotel charged me nearly 300AED extra for stupid reasons. This place does have wi Fi but did not give me the password as they were not allowed to give wi fi to clients after first day. So I did not have access to the internet. Staff is rude and never clean the room or change the towels as they do only once during your stay according to the receptionist. This place does not have iron or water in the room. No tea or coffee not even drinking water. If you need water then ask the reception and they will sell it to you twice the price
  • A soul destroying experience
    I was booked here by a client for an event for budgetary reasons. I stayed in a hotel near the Gare du Nord in Paris once where the paint was peeling off the wall and there were no curtains. When I tried to think of a worse hotel this was all I could think of. The room (110) was quite large and very brown in colour. The lights were fairly dim, probably to cover lack of cleanliness. The bed linen was clean, but my photos show how dirty it was on closer inspection. The room stank of curry because the main kitchen extractor fan is right outside the window. In the morning it smelled of breakfast. Also right outside the balcony (see photos) is the main building air conditioning unit which is very loud 24 hours a day. Beyond that the view is completed by a wall. As others have noted there is a nightclub downstairs which closes late, or rather early in the morning. Don't expect to sleep much. Various things were broken including but not limited to the tap in the bathroom, the plug socket between the beds, the toilet seat, the fridge and the air conditioning. If more than two people try to board the lift together the doors close sharply and give the second person a nasty shock. They don't change your towels unless you ask. There was one toilet roll. Other than that it was fine. They do a very nice Turkish coffee downstairs flavoured with cardamon which I can recommend, along with a room anywhere else in that area,
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