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Hostel unik bintang 3 ini menawarkan berbagai pilihan akomodasi yang ada di kota tua Dubai. Hostel yang nyaman ini menyediakan fasilitas kolam renang luar ruangan, meja resepsionis 24 jam dan kafe. Tersedia berbagai sarana di Dubai Youth Hostel yang para tamu dapat gunakan termasuk di antaranya brankas, meja tur dan tempat penyimpanan barang. Tamu juga dapat menggunakan koneksi internet yang tersedia di hostel. Hostel ini menawarkan kamar yang unik, lengkap dengan kulkas, shower dan saluran TV kabel/ satelit. Seluruhnya dilengkapi dengan kamar mandi pribadi, telepon dan taman bersama. Tamu yang menginap di hostel ini dapat memulai pagi dengan makan pagi istimewa, sebelum berkeliling di area sekitar. Dubai International Airport berlokasi kurang dari 15 menit dengan naik kendaraan dari Dubai Youth Hostel. Hostel menawarkan tempat parkir bagi tamu yang datang dengan mobil.
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55,3644066 25,2768841
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  • Dubai Youth Hostel

    39 Al Nahda Road, Al Qusais Area, Al Qusais, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab

    39 Al Nahda Road, Al Qusais Area, Al Qusais, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab Youth Hostel/@25.2768841,55.3644066

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  • Uni Emirat Arab,Emirat Dubai,Dubai,Al Qusais
  • A clean place to stay while you enjoy Dubai
    It is not your typical hostel, do not have the vibe or community activities. The staff in the front is friendly, but pretty much in their own world. The location is not in the middle of everything, but it has easy access with the metro, also a big Lulu supermarket is close by which allow you to get your basic. One of the plus, personally is their breakfast is abundant and delicious, not your typical bread and jelly. If you dont have too much money I think it is a option to stay, I prefer it than hotels in Deira, and since you are sharing your space with other travelers at least you are always going to find someone who share your taste for adventure
  • I was victim of a scam from staff,and intimidation from young Indians. Normal Tourist almost not welcome.
    I get back there because in 2015 was enough to be few days for less. Yet, if almost everything was right the first time, in this year the worst was when I was about to leave the Hostel: the receptionist asked me to wait a few minutes because an employee was going to check my bed in a shared room of four. I found it something new because in my last visit did not pass through this process and, in my few days last time I did not see any customer waiting for a check in the reception hall (even if hundreds of children get this hostel for sport purposes). The employee came back with a pillowcase that I handed to the receptionist, who informed me that it was stained with drops of tea or coffee and that he had to pay the damage. I asked stupefied how that could happen when I never drink coffee or tea, and if it was a joke, because my real pillow was white as snow even after use (the strong air conditioner inside the room avoid almost anyone to sweep). The receptionist called a janitor who insisted that these spots were permanent. I realized it was a scam to get extra money. I warned them that it was not worth it for the cost of a cover to lie and lose customers. They did not care, they had chosen the time right: I did pay because my plane was waiting at the airport, if not I had reported the police. I have proof of payment, because I asked for an invoice to prevent once I left the place to be asked again the amount by this mafia. The other nasty fact: when I went to my room I was followed by four young Indians (of some sports team housed in the same building) almost glued to my back that began to shout songs in their language. It was an attempt of intimidation and provocation, but I did not denounce because there were no more witnesses and nothing worse happened. Finally, be very careful with a Hostel that is probably trying to get rid of the normal clientele and focus on exchanges with Third World youth, because, this way, expensive hotels in Dubai will not have competition at sensible prices. Dubai has given itself more and more to a brutal capitalist competition, having eliminated public spaces where it was possible to enjoy the community, and now turned into private business.
  • cool pool, breakfast, rooms
    Even though we arrived much before check-in time, the guy at the reception did his best and very soon we were given our rooms, preceded by a nice breakfast. And again, even though the pool was officially closed that early in the morn, he let us use it having seen how exhausted after the journey we were. So all in all, we enjoyed our stay.
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