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Jannah Place Dubai Marina menawarkan kamar yang dirancang sesuai dengan segala kebutuhan para wisatawan.
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  • Jannah Place Dubai Marina

    Nasaq Street Dubai Marina, Dubai Marina, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab

    Nasaq Street Dubai Marina, Dubai Marina, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab Place Dubai Marina/@25.069327,55.1331067

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  • Uni Emirat Arab,Emirat Dubai,Dubai,Dubai Marina
  • Consistently poor
    I regret ever residing in this 'hotel' as it has been a headache from start to finish. I had to complain several times about the standard of cleaning (including my stuff being broken) and in the end had to ensure I was in the apartment during cleaning to ensure that towels and toiletteries etc were actually replaced. During my contract I was finding the problems to be too much so I wrote a complaint to the lady that rented me the apartment and after that was made to feel very awkward by the manager; insisting that I wouldn't understand why the balcony door should be impossible to open and close (this was one of the listed problems) as I wasn't a mother . My refrigerator has been replaced 3 times due to leaks and not working properly. The TV and internet are often useless and often when you ask for things to be replaced/fixed the staff don't seem to be qualified to know what you're asking or just say they'll come back and disappear for days. The AC broke completely 2 times and has been insufficient several other times; a check when I moved in wasn't done and after 1 day of moving in had to move again to another room. I have since been told they think theres a bigger problem with the room next to the garbage shoot - so why had this not been fixed when I myself have been here a year and clearly the problem occurred prior to our moving in. Half of the equipment in the gym doesn't work and neither does the AC. Broken rower, not straps on bike pedal and tredmill belt is baggy which has nearly caused me to injure myself. There was a missing sheet of glass from the pool balcony for a few months too, which probably wasn't ideal for those guest who do have children. Our toilet broke about 4 times and I was left complaining for weeks regarding the flush not working and it wasn't until I got rather upset with reception that anything was done. I complained to higher managers and nothing has ever been done to compensate these problems. My contract is due to end and I am glad to see the back of it. Oh and finally, I was told that the building site next door was just where they stored trucks when I was looking around - its NOT, its a 24/7 building site, that will chuck up sand onto the balcony and so no point asking for balcony as you can't use it. Honestly, I would avoid at all costs. I have given the hotel enough chances over the year to rectify and improve. I have been respectful when complaining and even avoided complaining in front of other guests so not to ruin their experience but due to the experience I have had, I really feel people should know what they're getting into staying here.
  • Hotel in good location for Marina, beach and metro
    On arrival at this hotel the staff were very pleasant and helpful, especially Sulaiman who went out of his way to give you advice and check you were ok, he even rang our room to check we had had a good day. Our room was great, huge with a kitchen, fridge freezer and washing machine, I did query the washing machine as this had no dryer, not that I was going to use it but if I had wanted to there was no way of drying your clothes after. The lady on reception said they could provide an airer if needed!!! Lovely huge comfortable bed, best hotel bed I have slept in. The gym and pool on the roof were great. I would have given a higher score if it hadnt been for the 5 min walk to another hotel for breakfast in 44 degrees and then when you get there breakfast really isnt that good. There is hot food but looks dried up as if its been there hours. The rolls were stale but the crossaints and cereal were ok. Its in a good location, just 5 mins walk to marina, ten mins to JBR beach and ten mins to metro
  • UAE top engineer
    Ernesto was the best engineer I ever encountered on my journey to anywhere around the country. Very friendly, funny and always willing to help. I will recommend anyone who stays at this hotel to always call this engineer for the 5 star help he has provided us on our journey. Thank you Ernesto your the man !!
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