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Nassima Towers Hotel Apartments terletak di jantung kota Dubai serta menawarkan jacuzzi. Terdapat beragam fasilitas di penginapan yang modis ini termasuk sauna, kolam renang luar ruangan dan jasa kendaraan shuttle gratis. Masing-masing apartemen di penginapan yang modis ini menyediakan perabotan lengkap, termasuk kulkas, perlengkapan dapur dan meja makan. Bagi para tamu yang ingin menyiapkan makanan, setiap apartemen menawarkan dapur lengkap dengan mesin pencuci piring dan microwave. Mereka yang tinggal di Nassima Towers Hotel Apartments dapat menikmati pengalaman bersantap yang unik di restoran yang tersedia, berlokasi strategis untuk mereka yang ini ingin tinggal dekat untuk mencicipi makanan. Bagi tamu yang hobi berwisata kuliner, terdapat berbagai pilihan tempat makan di dekat. Para staf yang siap membantu di meja tur dapat mengorganisir tiket wisata dan aktivitas lainnya selama kunjungan Anda di Dubai.
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  • Nassima Towers Hotel Apartments

    Sheikh Zayed Rood, Trade Centre 1, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab

    Sheikh Zayed Rood, Trade Centre 1, Dubai, Emirat Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab Towers Hotel Apartments/@25.223711,55.2824707

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  • Uni Emirat Arab,Emirat Dubai,Dubai,Trade Centre 1
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  • Perfect place for a group, with hospitality !
    Thank you so much Nassima Tower! Located at the main Sheikh Zayed Road, near the World Trade Centre metro station ( with just 5-7 mins walk to the metro footbridge) - perfect to travel from DXB airport. Also, a small Zoom (grocery), pharmacy, cafes, restaurants ... nearby can cater some basic needs. It’s our 5-gal reunion trip. Our Early checkin was quick and smooth! and was Upgraded to Deluxe unit (2-bedroom apt) ! The man at Front Desk (named Harni ?) greeted us with very welcoming smile and helpful. The butler (Jahirul) with initiative and smiling face was very helpful as well. He helped to set up the extra-bed at no cost. He would remember us and asked if anything needed whenever we met. Even the concierge men were always very smiling whenever we needed their help to catch big Family taxi for us 5 gals. Overall, most Nassima staffs were welcoming with smile and willing to help ! Our deluxe unit was a bonus to our first trip to Dubai. Spacious and nice decor - same as its webpage pics! Clean enough ! We had a top floor room as requested, beautiful view of nearby skyscrapers. Facing east with a great view of the Creek and sunrise! Though a few kitchen cabinet doors yet to be fixed, and seemed a bit odd smell of the fridge, we had comfortable stay there. Wifi is fast enough. And, we can share the gym, pool, jacuzzi, steam ... facilities in it’s twin accommodation - Nassima Royal hotel. Really Fantastic !! It's so nice Wellness centre. In fact, the hotel website can post more good pics of it, such as its gym which though small but well-set up. Afterall, only want to ask Nassima Tower to standardize & stabilize its room makeup service which can be improved. Btw, 2 bad experience at the Hotel, but not Nassima Tower. Movida - an outsourced ‘night club’ of Nassima Royal hotel. Our worst experience there during this trip. First night, We were not welcomed without high heels. Second night, with no Table reservation, we were not welcomed even with elegant dressing without good reason while they accepted other walk-ins. Wonder if we were sort of discriminated racially or stylishly. La Mome ? - the top floor with bar & Live Singer. Had a drink there after rejected entrance by the Movida. Enjoyed the live music by the blonde Singer with good interaction. But then, she was murmured (asked) by a tall fat man (sort of Manager?) to entertain & face another table of guests instead of us Asian/ Chinese and turned her back to us. It's not her fault apparently. Too bad - may be Nassima Royal hotel can followup on these.
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  • Perfect place to stay
    I was recommended this hotel to stay. I booked for four nights. Friend and I stayed at this hotel apartments for the four nights. The customer service is very good. All staff were very polite and helpful. The food in the room was great and delicious. The view over the city was amazing.
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  • a great place
    We booked the nassima hotel but got a „room“ in the apartment tower . it was a beautiful place! our apartment had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge livingroom and a kitchen! The view was fantastic since we stayed on the 37 th floor! this place is so clean and the people are very very friendly and helpful! breakfast and dinner was always a pleasure and the service is just perfect especially Rizwan ( hopefully I spell your name correctly ) was always very accommodating😉😀😀 and made us feel home. We will be back!
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