City Stay Hotel Apartment

ホテルのクラス ★★★★
宿泊中、無料で無線インターネット接続が利用できるだけでなく、ウェルカムドリンクなどの施設や設備も備わっています。 サウナとプールなどがあり、リラックスした時間をお過ごしいただけます。 アパートメントのそれぞれの客室には冷蔵庫、 バルコニーとキッチンがあります。 また、部屋にはエアコン設備が完備されていて、街並みが眺められるところもあります。 施設内にはレストランを含むダイニングオプションがあり、施設内で食事をされたいお客様には便利です。 また、ルームサービスは一定の時間内でのみ対応可能となっています。 City Stay Hotel Apartmentを車で訪れるお客様は、プライベート駐車場(無料)(施設内)をご利用いただけます。 モール・オブ・ジ・エミレーツ からは歩いて約10分の距離です。
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  • City Stay Hotel Apartment

    Al Barsha 1, Behind Mall Of Emirates, ドバイ, ドバイ, アラブ首長国連邦

    Al Barsha 1, Behind Mall Of Emirates, ドバイ, ドバイ, アラブ首長国連邦 Stay Hotel Apartment/@25.115183,55.205913



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  • アクティビティ
  • アラブ首長国連邦,ドバイ,ドバイ
  • Nice Hotel Apartment with reasonable charges and proximity to Mall of Emirates
    We had a one night stay as stopover to our return journey. The rooms are spacious with all amenity. The room also had free Wifi. The area of improvement includes restaurant with more variety of spread. Overall, we had a nice stay at this place.
  • good space
    I stayed in a normal room with 2 queen sized beds. for the price I believe it was worth the little money it cost to stay there. Always book well in advance to make it more affordable. Language barriers can be an issue but not bad. staff is nice. they forget to mention an extra added hidden fee when you get there so make sure you call or find out what it is to not get ripped off.
  • Never again visiting City Stay
    I was staying in City Stay Hotel Apartments on September last year.Experience was just horrible!Never again!!I saw cockroaches in the lobby and in the room.When I informed management they came with a cheapest prey from supermarket saying they can't call pest control as it's cost for them.Can you imagine how dirty is their kitchen?Second,when you open the balcony that bad smell from KFC and other restaurants bellow comes to room.Cockroaches are HUGE!My friends and I were insisting on calling pest control the answer was-book more expensive room than we will provide good service. UAE government should check all hotels and hotel apartments and if there's any cockroach found,hotels should be shut down.We were asking for refund on the remaining days booked in hotel they didn't agree.We had to wait that day to come and to happily move from there.City Stay never again!If necessary I can provide emails from management and pictures of dirty bathrooms (as Housekeeping is a disaster) but just don't waste your money and don't stay there.There are many great hotels in Dubai....Experience is just terrible...Tomorrow they will just read a comment write that they apologize and continue to be dirty and nasty hotel with very rude Management and staff.One of them is called Shahid....
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