Landmark Hotel Riqqa

ホテルのクラス ★★★★
ドバイに建つ落ち着いたホテルで、プール、 サウナと屋上プールなどの設備や施設が完備されてます。 Al Ghurair Cityからは徒歩ですぐのロケーションで、快適な客室にはソファベッド、 フラットテレビとミニバーなどが備わっています。 広い客室にはヘアドライヤー、 ケーブル/衛星放送テレビとアイロン用設備などの設備が配されています。 それぞれの客室には、ラジオと電話といった室内設備があります。 充実した朝食がLandmark Hotel Riqqaで毎朝提供され、近くにはランチやディナーが食べられるレストランやカフェがたくさんあります。 ドバイクリークとドバイ国際空港から車で約20分で、空港シャトルバスサービスもあります。 ツアーデスクのスタッフはドバイでの滞在を楽しめるよう、観光やアクティビティの提案をしてくれます。
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  • Landmark Hotel Riqqa

    Riqqa Street, デイラ, ドバイ, ドバイ, アラブ首長国連邦

    Riqqa Street, デイラ, ドバイ, ドバイ, アラブ首長国連邦 Hotel Riqqa/@25.2670062258,55.3200566769


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  • フロント デスク(24時間)
  • インターネットへのアクセス
  • ランドリー
  • 空港行きのシャトル
  • バレット パーキング
  • ヘアドライヤー
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  • 多言語対応スタッフ
  • 貸金庫
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  • 場所がわかりづらい
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  • Worst Hotel I ever stayed at
    We stayed at the Riqqa about 2 weeks ago. Bad choice. Pictures shown on sites are deceptive. Hotel is old and smelly. Our room had a constant bad smell (damp & musky). Bathroom shower tap handel was broken. Was shown on how to use a pencil to operate the shower. Food was not good at all, very basic. Will never recommend this hotel to anyone.
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  • Safety & security of the guests were extremely awful. No information was given on hotel policies once checked-in.
    The safety and security of the guests in this hotel were extremely awful, while dissemination of information of hotel policies was pretty bad. I have booked it online via for 4 nights using my name and my card. I have also contacted and informed the hotel that my husband will be coming alone while me the following day. When my husband came, he asked someone from the reception if they could recommend a good massage, and quickly someone came. They let the woman came into our room for 20-30mins. When I came early morning the following day (I travelled for 8hrs with no sleep yet) with my husband, I was not allowed to go inside my room. We have been told that someone had already checked-in the previous day, so it was prohibited to let someone in inside our room. We have found out that they have scanned the passport of the masseuse, and “assumed” that she was the wife. It was perfectly clear that I was the one who booked this hotel online with my name, and that I have informed the hotel staff that I am coming the following day. They said they have assumed that the woman was the wife. The safety and security of the guests in this hotel were jeopardised. They just assumed and never checked the name of the right person who have booked and paid for the room. As long as it has been paid, anyone could come and pretend they are the guest. No one told my husband that guests were not allowed inside our room, so how was he supposed to know of their rule, it was’t even mentioned through We have been to different countries using this site, and we have always been informed of hotel policies once we checked-in. We have been told that they can only refund the next 2 nights but we still have to pay for that same day as refundable can be done 24hrs prior the booking. Or if we want to stay, we have to pay whatever the cost of the room on that day, so price was higher from what I have booked online. We were trapped in this scenario and since I was exhausted and sleepy, my husband just paid for the extra price they asked us. They never even apologized and accepted their mistakes. As for the room itself, poor lightings so room was dim, no toilet exhaust fan, toilet was dirty - plenty of scattered hairs at the back of the door (when my husband checked-in), I still had to ask for a floor mat.
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