Shalimar Park Hotel Dubai

ホテルのクラス ★★★★
このホテルはドバイ市内中心部に位置していて、観光やエンターテイメントエリアに出かけるにも便利なロケーションです。 ドバイ国際空港からは車で約25分で、空港シャトルバスサービスがあります。 24時間対応のレセプションだけでなく、滞在のお客様はプール、 コーヒーバーと24時間ルームサービスなどが利用でき、便利に泊まることができます。 また、喫煙エリア、 コンシェルジュとツアーデスクなどの施設や設備もあります。 客室にはエアコン設備があり、その他冷蔵庫、 アイロン用設備とミニバーなどの室内設備もあります。 バスルームには、ヘアドライヤーなどが備わっています。 充実した朝食がShalimar Park Hotel Dubaiで毎朝提供され、近くにはランチやディナーが食べられるレストランやカフェがいろいろあります。 また、レストランもありとても便利です。
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  • Shalimar Park Hotel Dubai

    Frij Murar, Dubai City Centre, デイラ, ドバイ, ドバイ, アラブ首長国連邦

    Frij Murar, Dubai City Centre, デイラ, ドバイ, ドバイ, アラブ首長国連邦 Park Hotel Dubai/@25.276056,55.307922



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  • アクティビティ
  • アラブ首長国連邦,ドバイ,ドバイ,デイラ,Dubai City Centre
  • the worst Hotel I have been stay
    What I can say every thing is bad. If I didn't come late and very tired I never stay there Untidy premise . rude spoken. lethargic staff room not clean horrible smell every where the break fast not cooked will and it very simple and the tools not clean Seriously I don't know till now this hotel not closed
  • It doesn't looks like on photos...
    Ok, I'll start with the positives: - Good location, about 1.3km from the Union Metro Station. Around the hotel you can find many Asian (Afghani, Pakistani, Indian) restaurants. - WiFi And here is the end. Bad sides: - Opposite the hotel is a mosque - The hotel looks like from '90 - The poorest breakfasts I have ever seen. Daily butter / jam toast and omelette - The hot water does not work - Incredibly hard beds
  • shockingly bad. we didnt even last the night in this hotel
    Where to start... Our nightmare started before we even arrived. I called to ask for directions to be told several different road names, while trying to establish a landmark the person on the other end disconnected my call! I of course called back and asked to talk to the manager, who informed me, I should know where I am going. I asked if he thought it was acceptable for his staff to put the phone down on me to which he just laughed and carried on shouting the hotel name at me. I booked this with so I decided to call them for help. They called the hotel to be told again.... I should know where I am going! After 3 hours of finding our own way and a bit of luck we had arrived. Greeted by the manager who was not only rude but tried to change us more than the initial price, when we tried to explain he couldn't do that he simply told us to find somewhere else.... which we did. I can not believe hotel managers can get away with talking to paying customers this way.... I am actually surprised he has customers. Needless to say, I will be warning everyone I come across to avoid this place.
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