Legacy Hotel Apartments

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55.17268 25.09859
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  • HI139332298
  • Legacy Hotel Apartments

    TECOM, Al-Barsha, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트

    TECOM, Al-Barsha, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트 Hotel Apartments/@25.09859,55.17268

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  • 활동
  • 아랍에미리트,두바이,두바이
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  • Centrally located in the Al Barsha area in close proximity to public transportation
    Our 2 bedroom apartment was nicely furnished, with all amenities, daily housekeeping, helpful staff at the reception and housekeeping. We stayed for 8 days and thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Legacy Hotel Apartments. The attached photo taken from the rooftop shows the hotel's access to the metro approximately 150 metres away.
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  • Couldn't ask for more!
    There are many many options when it comes to apartment hotels in Dubai, this place has a lot to offer! When you search for amenities which the apartment has, many will say they have kitchens, washing machines, ovens etc. However after spending the past few months in and out of various hotel apartments I can say. They have these items, much like everyone else, but .... The equipment on offer is 100% better, the washing machine is new and can be worked by anyone, the kitchen is well equipped, the utensils are great. Legacy hotel apartments well surpass what your expecting and the rates are amazing. Staff are friendly and welcoming. I must say these apartments are legit and have everything one could want. They're great.
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  • Terrible , way better option in Dubai
    We needed a place to stay until moving to our rental property we have stayed 2 months. The place is extremely old and not taken care of, the AC was not clean from years to say the least. I wont advice the swimming pool either, unless wearing a full covered gear ....feet and gloves included ( even ...) The gym smell and equipment are just a joke. There is a real lack of management in this place and they are just taking advantage of the closeness of the metro link next door. Which is in total honestly the only positive side I can see. The pictures provided were probably accurate in 1997....but 20 years later.... For the same price there is some really nice places at The greens in Skai residency just as an example.....
타임스 스퀘어 센터(Times Square Centre) 두바이 쇼핑
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타임스 스퀘어 센터(Times Square Centre)에서 쇼핑을 즐겨보세요
와피 구르메(Wafi Gourmet) 두바이의 레스토랑
와피 구르메(Wafi Gourmet)
전망 좋은 레바논 레스토랑
릴 시네마(Reel Cinemas), 두바이 몰(Dubai Mall) 두바이의 음악과 영화
대형 스크린의 감동
릴 시네마에서는 다 보입니다
XVA 아트 호텔(THE XVA ART HOTEL) 카페를 방문해보세요 두바이의 카페 문화
푸드 아트
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