London Suites Hotel

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55.316124 25.2196045
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  • HI244213754
  • London Suites Hotel

    Oud Metha Street, 알 자다프, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트

    Oud Metha Street, 알 자다프, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트 Suites Hotel/@25.2196045,55.316124

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  • Ideal Over nighter
    Situated within the Al Wasl Club and Stadium, this is an Ideal place to stay by a Business traveler who has his own transport. There is a party hall as well as a restaurant for a quick breakfast. Rooms can accommodate 2 persons comfortably and the "Salle de Bain" is exquisite. Staff are curt but proper, and the property has a specific place for accessing mail via wifi thats free. Covered car parking is not there so if its a weekend your car is toast. :)
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  • Not a hotel by any standards
    This is a complete disaster, i wouldn't advise anyone to spend their hard earned money on this hotel. This is more like a glorified student accommodation and the service is no where near that of a hotel. The linen is torn and stained, used condoms on the veranda in the full view of the guest.You can only access the internet in the lobby area and not inside your room. Every time you have to go to the city, you must pay at least a minimum of 40 dollars and there are no restaurants or anything next to the hotel. It is located inside a sports club, in the outskirts of Dubai city…...The biggest mistake of my life!!!!!
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  • Good place to stay for a day or two
    I went to watch the GundNRoses Not In This Lifetime concert tour, Traveled by train then took a bus to arrive at the hotel, stayed overnight, room was huge, staffs were very accommodating, the place was very quite, a bit far from the city center and other tourist attractions
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