Middle East Hotel

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  • Middle East Hotel

    Al Musalla Road, 두바이 시티 센터, 데이라, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트

    Al Musalla Road, 두바이 시티 센터, 데이라, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트 East Hotel/@25.272437,55.306705

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  • Very old, shabby and overpriced hotel with a rather rood staff
    if you have an option-do try to avoid this hotel: it is very old and shabby, placed in the oldest part of Dubai with a loud noise and crowd to bear! Although the room had all of the necessary assets such as TV, AC, complimentary tea/coffee and water, shampoo and stuff, clean towels, the bathroom was so old and in a really bad shape. Everything is simply too outdated and worn out!!! In addition, the reception guy was rather rude and didn't seem to care about being polite and friendly-the fee for just ordering a taxi was 25e which I found outrageous! p.s. I am not a demanding guest-my reviews are always honest:all I need is a clean bed and bathroom to take a shower, however this hotel simply fails to deliver what they advertise.
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  • Not for families
    My wife and myself in addition to our little kid stayed there for one night. .. because we were there for shopping it gave us a great advantage of location. ..but we couldn't sleep at night after the long tiring day because of the noise of loud music coming from the clubs in the hotel and the noise of drunk people all over the night. The cleaness was very poor specifically in the bathroom, the was a remain of the previous guest on the floor and the place was smell nice at all. The staff at the reception were really hospitable and polite as well as the doorman. .. NOT recommanded for families
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  • The dance bars are worst
    The hotel offers Arabian, Pakistani, Indian themed dance bars. The dancers are not really good looking. I would prefer to other dance bars like Moghul-liesureland. The liquor cost here is same as that of high quality bars elsewhere in Dubai.
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모션게이트 두바이(MOTIONGATE Dubai)는 헐리우드 영화를 마법처럼 현실로 옮겨놓았습니다.
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