Richmond Greens Hotel

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55.202197 25.1142066
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  • HI242975157
  • Richmond Greens Hotel

    Al Barsha 1, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트

    Al Barsha 1, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트 Greens Hotel/@25.1142066,55.202197

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  • 활동
  • 아랍에미리트,두바이,두바이
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  • a weird type of hotels
    The staff are very unfriendly The bad smell of the restaurant in the mezzanine floor reaches the reception but it is a miracle that it doesn't reach the rooms the room is acceptable taking into consideration that this is a budget hotel I cannot ignore that the water heater had rust they did not serve breakfast in the morning, no buffet. I came across a manager who was shouting at ths staff there maybe because they missed preparing the breakfast
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  • Just horrible
    I had to check in to this hotel as I needed quick accommodations and it was near. Everything was terrible. The mini bar was rotten and smelly, not to mention not working. The service was rude, and they also imposed hidden charges. Never to be repeated.
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  • Horrible
    Ny bad journey started with the Taxi He dont know where the hell is it , i wasted time and money Man even the local taxi in barsha neighborhood didnt know where is it Room wasnt huge but clean They had a problem with the parking so we had to park all cars in the street They made a big problem with me when I had my friends for dinner , they told me take your friends and dinner and stay at our restaurant You are not allowed to go with them to your room And they were rude as hell Never going there again
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