Royal Club Palm Jumeirah Aparthotel Dubai

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두바이에 자리한 이 숙박시설에서는 독특한 분위기의 4성급 객실 및 시설은 물론, 수영장, 전용 비치, 사우나까지 이용하실 수 있습니다. 전용 욕실과 주방이 딸린 편안하고 아늑한 아파트를 이용하실 수 있습니다. 이 숙박시설에서는 고급스러운 아파트를 이용하실 수 있으며 객실 내에는 객실내 식사 공간, 커피/차 메이커, 냉장고도 마련되어 있습니다. 각 객실에는 DVD 플레이어와 케이블 채널이 지원되는 평면 TV가 설치되어 있습니다. 고객님들은 저녁에 숙박시설 내 레스토랑 및 바에서 휴식을 취하실 수 있습니다. 밖에서 식사를 드시고 싶으시다면 숙박시설 근방에 들어서 있는 다양한 맛집 중에서 골라서 가보실 수 있습니다. 두바이국제금융센터, Burj Khalifa, 두바이 몰까지 차로 20분 거리에 있습니다.
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55.1508904 25.1068439
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  • Royal Club Palm Jumeirah Aparthotel Dubai

    Shoreline Apartments building 20, 팜 주메이라, Palm Islands, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트

    Shoreline Apartments building 20, 팜 주메이라, Palm Islands, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트 Club Palm Jumeirah Aparthotel Dubai/@25.1068439,55.1508904

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  • 활동
  • 아랍에미리트,두바이,두바이,Palm Islands,팜 주메이라
  • Perfectly adequate
    1 bed serviced apartment. Reasonably well equipped. Amenities close by. No complaints. I didn't use the beach, etc. but there are decent bars nearby and various malls and other places within walking distance.
  • Bad maintenence and no beach access
    Myself, my husband and 2 daughters spent a week at our time share at Royal Club (B&G). We have noticed worsening of appartment facilities: 4 broken drawers, drill holes in the bathroom floor, empty refreshers, water leaks in the bathroom, missing kitchen utensils and non functional TV remote control. Given that we are required to pay the maintanence fee yearly ( 3000 AED plus 370 AED as taxes ) and that our trip is booked months in advance so there is no excuse for the negligence. One major draw back is that now, the beach access which the halmark of palm jumeirah is for 100 AED per day per adult (>3 years old) so that includes our 4 year old daughter!!! Now we are paying 2800AED extra on top of the already overpriced mainenance fee and that does NOT even include beach towels!! That's a 100 AED extra per towel per day as deposit and must return before 4pm or you buy it. Well, the beach was the only reason we bought this timeshare! The weather is warm here in Dubai so the best time to swim with the kids is after 4pm!! You know its cheaper and more convenient for me to spend a nice week with my kids at any hotel in Dubai..!! The worsening in services and the additional expenses in Royal Club (B&G) is not worth the great location this place has to offer.
  • Nice location worst facilities 😠
    We spent a week enjoying nice view and location, the worst part was paying for beach access 100 dhs each !!! There was no other alternatives near our place which forced us to go to nearest places such as JBR or open beach to take kids to swim. It's a pleasant place with poor facilities.
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