Skyline Deluxe Hotel Apartment

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55.3241873 25.2607941
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  • HI244083683
  • Skyline Deluxe Hotel Apartment

    Al Riqqa Street, Deira, 데이라, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트

    Al Riqqa Street, Deira, 데이라, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트 Deluxe Hotel Apartment/@25.2607941,55.3241873

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  • 활동
  • 아랍에미리트,두바이,두바이,데이라
  • Value for money
    The hotel has really big rooms and this gave me enough space for all my luggage since I was carrying quite a lot of stuff. But it also has a washing machine, fairly equipped kitchen. The bathroom was big enough with a clean tab. Unfortunately though the place suffers from noise pollution at certain times of the day.
  • Definitely not a four star
    The only positive point of this hotel is its location and proximity to Al Rigga Metro Station. Poor rating is based on the following details. We just came back yesterday from Dubai. I stayed with my wife and toddler baby for 6 nights on a half-board basis. - On first day, there was no lunch on arrival because it was still Ramadan though we had paid for it. After a short talk they agreed to bring some rice and curry they had in the kitchen. - Buffet was very repetitive and very limited specially breakfast - Carpet in the room was very dirty - It's a very old hotel - Swimming pool in the roof with no disabled access and high rise steps. - You're not allowed alcohol in the hotel at all and they serve none of it. - Toilet inlet was leaking and despite their attempted to fix, we were to put up with it for three days before agreeing to give us another room. Even after that, manager came and removed the two complimentary bottles of water from our room instead of compensating us for all the problem of changing room. - Noisy room next door with loud music next door 5am. - In one of the room down the hall to us, somebody had actually thrown a party in the hotel room. Thankfully too far for the noise to reach us. - It gets very noisy on the roads around the hotel due to concert and everyone in Dubai tents to use their car horn every two minutes, so not good sleep at night. Windows are not sound proofed. - This four staff hotel doesn't even have a proper coffee machine, but instead they use instant Nescafe racket in their restaurant. - The swimming pool shuts down at 7:30pm and sunset is 7:15. It's so hot in Dubai specially in June that you can't go swimming during the day and it's best to go swimming after 7. So no point in having a swimming pool that closes at 7:30pm. - The only one shade in the pool area was broken. - WiFi kept disconnecting so they had to come to reset every time - No WiFi access in the lobby. - Washing machine dyer never works, because the AC is not compatible with the machine machine made. It gives an error. Same issue in all room. List goes on... I would never go back and this stay even questions whether I would ever want to go back to Dubai. Turkey much cheaper and far better hotels for the money.
  • 6 days visit to Dubai with my family
    The hotel location was great, just a 5 minutes walking distance from the Al Rigga Metro station, fantastic plz to be, very close to Al Rigga road and the restaurants very near by, car parking facility also available if needed. Around the corner dry cleaning, super market, plenty of take away plz also available, hotel rooms are clean, house keeping was great, very friendly staff, very helpful, quiet . the kitchen needs to be filled more more cutlery, forks, glasses, and cooking appliances if needed, the fridge is clean and more space, washing machine is working condition, if you any one planning to stay longer than 1 week, make sure check with the hotel manager about the dryer. the hotel room got plenty of sunny, Internet (wifi) was great.
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