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55.305532 25.2714781
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  • Sutchi Hotel

    Deira , Naif Area, 두바이 시티 센터, 데이라, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트

    Deira , Naif Area, 두바이 시티 센터, 데이라, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트 Hotel/@25.2714781,55.305532

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  • Terribly receptionist
    The receptionist did not accept the copy of my ID that I printed. He asked for a colored printed copy of my ID. So, as per his instruction I when to the nearest copy shop which I think 250 meter-walk away from the hotel under the burning Dubai sun. I asked for a spoon...they don't have one! Poor wifi connection.
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  • Poor Hotel
    Nothing in this hotel is good but the affordable price. The room is not clean. Location is a disaster. Service is not good even. Air conditioning unit is too noisy. No toiletries. Bed is joined together to make it king and is very hard on the back.
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  • Midget Central
    I had this misfortune to be booked into here by my company's travel agent. He must be taking bribes! Sutchi Hotel is located in the middle of the car spare souq. Quite why anyone would want to come and stay here is totally beyond me. It is not close to anything a visitor to Dubai would want to see, is too far to walk to anywhere, including the metro, and has virtually no passing taxi trade. The room was well sized and not too bad on decor, but where it lets you down is the bed size - I'm 5'6" and found my feet hanging out the bottom of the bed. What I thought was a queen size bed turned out to be two singles, badly joined in the middle with a 2 inch difference in height. The shower cubicle is also too small to be used by anyone of a slightly large frame and gave barely enough room to raise your elbows and the toilet was the lowest I've ever encountered outside of an Asian squat toilet. The lift felt like it would break down any minute now. I'm finding it impossible to find any redeeming features bar the price, and even this is expensive for what you get at $81, for $19 more I could book the IBIS
두바이 디자인 지구(Dubai Design District) 두바이 쇼핑
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완공을 앞둔 두바이 디자인 지구(Dubai Design District)
데이라 시티 센터(Deira City Centre) 두바이 쇼핑
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데이라 시티 센터(Deira City Centre)를 방문해보세요
이븐 바투타 몰(Ibn Battuta Mall) 두바이 쇼핑
즐거운 쇼핑
이븐 바투타 몰(Ibn Battuta Mall)에서의 쇼핑
DAS 컬렉션(DAS Collection) 두바이 쇼핑
아랍에미리트 스타일
DAS 컬렉션(DAS Collection)의 창조적인 아이디어
알 붐 다이빙(Al Boom diving) 두바이의 다이빙 체험
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