The Meydan Hotel

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세계 최초의 5성급 트랙사이드 호텔로 알려진 이 호텔은 두바이에 위치하고 있으며, 거품 욕조, 인피니티 풀, 야외 테니스코트 등을 비롯한 최고급 시설을 갖추고 있습니다. Meydan Racecourse 전경을 감상하실 수 있고 루프탑 테라스, 사우나도 이용하실 수 있습니다. 이 호텔의 객실은 에어컨이 완비되어 있으며 DVD 플레이어가 설치된 평면 TV가 갖춰져 있고 개인 발코니가 딸려 있습니다. 커피/차 메이커, 미니 바, 슬리퍼도 이용하실 수 있습니다. 이 호텔 내부에 있는 Shiba 레스토랑에서 아시아 요리를 드실 수 있습니다. 호텔 내 식당에서는 다양한 메뉴로 구성된 조식을 드실 수 있습니다. 이 호텔은 두바이 몰, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek 인근을 돌아다니기에 편리할뿐 아니라 이 지역의 모든 것을 즐길 수 있는 최고의 위치에 있습니다. 그 밖에도 직원들이 투어 데스크에서 두바이 투어 및 액티비티 계획을 도와 드립니다.
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55.301785 25.157521
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  • HI271049249
  • The Meydan Hotel

    Meydan Racecourse,, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트

    Meydan Racecourse,, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트 Meydan Hotel/@25.157521,55.301785

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  • Lovely hotel
    We stayed here for 7 nights in Nov while there was no racing on. We were very impressed with the hotel and our room which was very spacious and always spotless. Staff are very helpful and tend to all your needs. Would definitely recommend staying here!
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  • Events
    Did not stay in the hotel, but had an event there while I was personally having an awful day. However, the Meydan team ( banquets in particular) made my life so much easier! Was greeted by the operations manager Mr. Nadeem who then introduced me to the banquets team and designated AV technician- which I found it very professional! Salma -Event Manager called (on her day off) to see if I have arrived and everything is ok. Not just that but she had offered us the venue upgrade:) Tony and his colleagues took an excellent care, anticipated my needs and took prompt action. They even helped me spread out the brochures in the room. I really did not had to move a finger! Our CEO and guests were very pleased with the venue, the snacks were very tasty, fresh and well presented. Small actions can make a difference! And it did in my case. Long story short: - Prompt , Friendly, warm and welcoming team - Cleanliness - Great facilities - Great food and drinks - Proper signage and directions to the venue - valet parking included without having to validate the ticket
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  • Spacious Rooms, Reasonable Prices
    I liked this hotel. The room was quite spacious and very practical, although not very fancy or luxurious. Clean rooms and bathrooms. I was there for a conference, and the staff were helpful when asked for a late checkout. It's far from the noisiness of Dubai Downtown, yet its a 10-15 Minute drive from most of important sites in Dubai. The buffet selection for Breakfast can be better, it perhaps is my only comment. Prices are very reasonable. Recommended for people looking for a reasonably priced good five-star hotel.
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