Tulip Creek Hotel Apartments

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55.3256989 25.2560215
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  • Tulip Creek Hotel Apartments

    Port Saeed, Deira, 포트 사이드, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트

    Port Saeed, Deira, 포트 사이드, 두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트 Creek Hotel Apartments/@25.2560215,55.3256989

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  • 활동
  • 아랍에미리트,두바이,두바이,포트 사이드
  • Tulip creek hotel Apartments, dubai
    Worst stay we had in dubai. At first we asked for a king size bedroom and instead they gave us two single bed room and they put them together side by side and this was just stupid. They ring the bell anytime even when we put the dont disturb sign.not enough kitchen utensils. If you don't give tips for the cleaning staff they won't clean appropriately. They started maintenance work infront of our apartment which was veey annoying. Overall bad experience
  • bad experience
    The rooms are not clean, when you enter the apartment the bad smell will welcomes you, the staff are not professional and rude sometimes, the car parking as not clean and very small "if you are not a professional driver forget about getting in and out. in general it was a bad experience.
    We stayed for almost a week. The location is close to Al Rigga metro station 1 (7 mins walking). As well near to a mall. The apartment had a huge space. If the weather is convincing enough there are lots of options for an evening stroll down the street. You will find eating options, shopping and everything as soon as you come out. Delivery freindly. Wifi is a bit annoying you have to log in again and again. No food outlets in the hotel is worth mentioning. Please eat out or might as well cook as you have a fully furnished kitchen. Room also had a balcony which was something nice to sit out in the evening. The only staff worth mentioning was the Guest relations manager The lady who greeted us every time we walked through the lobby sorry to have forgotten your name. Ultimately, it was a decrnt stay if you want to keep it to yourself and want to keep it in budget it is a good option. A bit far from all the main attractions but it is nearby a metro station.
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