살레오 타파스 앤 보데가(Salero Tapas & Bodega)

살레오 타파스 앤 보데가(Salero Tapas & Bodega)
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에미리트의 켐핀스키(Kempinski) 호텔 몰에 위치한 진정한 타바스 바인 살레오 타파스 앤 보데가에서 여러 명이 함께 먹기 좋은 맛 좋은 요리를 즐겨보세요.

소박하면서도 현대적인 분위기의 살레오에는 즐거움이 가득합니다. 올리브 오일 단지가 벽을 이루고 천장에는 샹들리에 바구니가 달려 있는 식당에서 자리를 잡고 앉아 보세요. 앙념된 앤초비와 토마토 소스를 얹은 송아지 고기 완자, 파엘라, 토르티아(전통 스페인 오믈렛)를 드셔 보시기 바랍니다.

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55.19796787 25.11870148살레오 타파스 앤 보데가(Salero Tapas & Bodega)/@25.11870148,55.19796787

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  • Best tapa / bar best service
    Visit salero with my friend, excited to have that tapas meal patatas , fried eggplants, super mushroom , portion of cold cut even small but wow and drink was made by Mr Anass was really super amazing im happy to say that he have passion to serve his guest and to have some suggestions from him . meal + drink ask him he will give you the right. Best experience with nice spanish music visit Salero Tapa in Kempinski mall of the emirates. Thank you Mr Anass
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  •   Fantastic atmosphere and dj
    Typical food of spain, has different tapas at an affordable price. It has a great atmosphere, and the DJ is amazing, great selection of music in Spanish
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  • Bad experience
    I went there with my wife today. The service is very slow, the servers not attentive and not motivated. The pricing is confusing with the happy hours that cannot be coupled the entertainer on the bill so we had to opt for one option. The food is average, the potato cake did not look made out of fresh eggs and potatoes; the bruschetta is composed of two toasted slices of industrial bread. The overall experience does not make any favour to the Kempinski Hotel.
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