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Oddalony o 10 minut drogi samochodem od Klub golfowy i jachtowy w Dubai Creek obiekt Hilton Dubai Creek oferuje nowoczesne zakwaterowanie, a z jego okien roztacza się widok na Dubaj i Dubai Creek. Obiekt oferuje wiele udogodnień, w tym darmowy internet bezprzewodowy w przestrzeni ogólnodostępnej, basen na dachu i transport wahadłowy. Każdy elegancki pokój jest wyposażony w prywatną łazienkę, mini bar i filmy na życzenie. Z panoramicznych okien roztaczają się piękne widoki na miasto. Obiekt Hilton Dubai Creek oferuje gościom dużo opcji stołowania się, w tym restaurację Table 9 oraz bar Pool Bar. Obiekt sąsiaduje z wieloma kawiarniami i restauracjami. Port lotniczy Dubaj i The Dubai Fountain, Międzynarodowe Centrum Finansowe w Dubaju i Burj Khalifa są oddalone od hotel o 20 minut drogi samochodem. W niecałe 10 minut można się stąd dostać do takich miejsc, jak Al Ghurair City.
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  • Hilton Dubai Creek

    Beniyas Road, Deira, Dubaj, Emirat Dubaj, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie

    Beniyas Road, Deira, Dubaj, Emirat Dubaj, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie Dubai Creek/@25.2598381,55.318161



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  • Atrakcje
  • Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie,Emirat Dubaj,Dubaj,Deira
  • Dobry hotel w niezłej lokalizacji
    Bardzo dobry hotel, świetnie położony z ładnym widokiem z basenu zlokalizowanego na dachu budynku. Fajnie działający executive lounge, dobre choć nieco skromne śniadania i posiłki, miły widok z tarasu.
  • Wonderful hospitality
    A frequent business traveler to Dubai this was my third stay at the hotel so far this year. The staff there has always been amazing to deal with, especially the duty manager Ms. Leah. She always makes us feel so welcome, as does the staff in the executive lounge who know to fix my omelet in the morning and pour my glass of red wine in the evening as soon as I walk in. The rooms are huge, even by Dubai standards, and are always spotlessly clean. Although one of the older hotels in Dubai, and not the most opulent, the property is very well maintained. If the location (next to the Creek, with beautiful views of the water, and less than 15 minutes from the airport) is convenient for you I would highly recommend the hotel.
  • DO NOT STAY HERE!! Ruined my holiday to Dubai!
    After 14 hours of travelling throughout the night we arrived at Hilton Dubai Creek excited for our 1 week holiday of a life time in Dubai. (My boyfriend and I) At check in we were asked for the credit card that the booking had been made from in DECEMBER where they had received full payment then, this was now JULY. We explained that we did not have the card with us as it was a present from his Mother at Christmas, there must be another solution? We were told no there was not and that we couldn't stay there if we did not provide this card. I was getting very upset as I was excited to stay in such an amazing hotel with great reviews in such an amazing city. We both were soon let down. The receptionist was extremely rude and did not have much knowledge as when I asked the question ''What would happen if I had booked it with my card that expired in March meaning the credit card would not exist anymore?'' She ignored the question and went out the back. When she arrived back she said the payment would need to be refunded full onto his Mothers card and paid for again in full with the card we had there. I explained we did not have enough money to pay for the entire trip again as it would leave us having no spending money in Dubai meaning it was pointless being there. We told her it would not be an issue to get his Mother on the phone or to send photos of the credit card her ID and her signature, which we did and the receptionist still insisted this was not enough!! We were both getting very frustrated at this stage. Eventually she provided a 'Telephone Sales Sheet' which was a form for his Mother to fill in, they would then send it to their bank to confirm it and that would solve the entire issue. I do not know why it took her about 2 hours to think of this as on their website (which we didn't see until after) this is the first option they give if you cannot provide the card you used for the first payment at reception. Finally we got to check in to our room and we emailed this to his Mother instantly and she sent it back within that evening. For the next 2 days I never had felt as uncomfortable and unwanted in a hotel in all my life. Where we planned to upgrade on arrival but did not as the receptionist told us we couldn't (I still do not know why when we were paying cash for that) it almost felt like our money was unwanted and that we had done something wrong. The reception were calling our room every evening and leaving notes under our door to say to contact them, when we did it was a different staff member each time having no idea about our issue. Eventually the manger appeared saying the form had not been sent off to the bank yet and it was the weekend so they would not have the problem sorted out until Sunday. This was 100% their fault as they had it filled in fully with all the details on the Tuesday. We both were very stressed about the whole thing and for those few days we were emailing back and forth it did not feel like we were on holidays at all. Saturday morning I received a phone call to say there was a sudden death of a immediate family member, I was hysterical and crying in such shock first thing I did was get my flight changed to fly home that day obviously. Where we had paid to stay until the Tuesday. After that I phoned reception to explain that we'd be checking out that day and why. They were not one bit sympathetic or nice about the situation and told me I could not leave today, it was not an option and they insisted for one of us to come down. My boyfriend went and they said that they had not still received confirmation from the bank so we could not leave. Again this was not our fault as they didn't send it off in time and didn't provide this at the very start when we got to reception so it would have been solved a lot faster. My boyfriend explained our flight was in a few hours and we had to go. After half an hour they said we could only leave if we paid a cancelation fee of around 300EURO let them keep they money for the next 3 nights (which no doubt they sold the room again making double money on it) and that they HAD to refund the full money that was paid for the stay in DECEMBER on to his Mothers card making him pay for the trip again in full right on the spot. Stating this was their policy. This was a complete joke as for such a large a company to treat two well paying customers so badly making us feel so downgrading at such a tough time and not be apologetic at all knowing the circumstances. However 2 weeks later his Mother has still not received the refund we have had no contact at all meaning at this moment and time we have paid twice for the trip!! Totalling to almost around 1600EURO. We both are furious and warn others do not stay here if you want to be treated like this.
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