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Mieszczący się w sercu Dubaj elegancki 3-gwiazdkowy hotel oferuje pokoje wyposażone w wannę z hydromasażem. Z obiektu roztaczają się widoki na takie atrakcje, jak Dubai Creek oraz na miasto. W ramach dodatkowych udogodnień w St George Hotel Dubai goście mogą skorzystać między innymi z baru kawowego, parkowania samochodu i obsługi hotelowej 24h. Obsługa obiektu hotel jest do dostępna 24/7 i chętnie pomoże w rezerwacji wycieczek i biletów. Klimatyzowane pokoje oferują widoki na miasto oraz nowoczesny luksus, włączając filmy na życzenie i mini bar. W każdym do dyspozycji gości jest lodówka i prywatna łazienka. Goście obiektu St George Hotel Dubai mogą odpocząć przy drinku w znajdującym się tutaj barze lub rozerwać się w klubie nocnym Tip Top. Goście mogą zjeść coś w zlokalizowanej na terenie obiektu restauracji The Tehran by Night. Obiekt St George Hotel Dubai ma bardzo dobrą lokalizację pod względem dostępu do głównych atrakcji turystycznych Dubaj, ponieważ w odległości 10 minut drogi stąd znajduje się Dubai Spice Souk. W odległości kilkunastu minut jazdy samochodem od obiektu hotel są Al Souk Al Kabir, Burj Khalifa i Muzeum w Dubaju.
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55,294117 25,2664547
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  • St George Hotel Dubai

    Alras, Dubai City Centre, Deira, Dubaj, Emirat Dubaj, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie

    Alras, Dubai City Centre, Deira, Dubaj, Emirat Dubaj, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie George Hotel Dubai/@25.2664547,55.294117



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  • Atrakcje
  • Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie,Emirat Dubaj,Dubaj,Deira,Dubai City Centre
  • Satisfaction here !!!
    Located in front of the river makes its view more beautiful and charming. One of the best hotel in Bur Dubai area. Full of comfort . Full support of the staff too. And A+ service. I changed my previous stay form citymax to Dubai. Loved it . Thank you very much.
  • Thank you St George Hotel
    St George Hotel was planned for our stay as a part of my 5 day Dubai Family Holiday Package (planned by MakeMyTrip). The trip dates were from the 27th of May (check-in) to the 1st of June (check-out). Prior to my visit, the reviews i had read on the net (including tripadvisor) were mixed and i was not sure how my experience would be during our family stay, especially with a 10 year old kid. As soon as i had entered the hotel lobby, i was pleasantly greeted by my name at the reception by a person named John (i believe its his name and i guess he was a Filipino). He was very professional and did the check-in with a few minutes. There were no hassles at all. I was given the wi-fi password and could connect even before i left the lobby. The best part is that he allotted us the Creek side view of the hotel even before i had requested him. I have heard of other reviews where people had troubles at the reception, However in my case, it was an absolutely good start at the reception for my Stay. (For the rest of my 5 day stay, All other folks at reception were extremely helpful, even if it means making a call on my behalf to a local eatery or a take-away). We had a complementary (free) breakfast with our stay and the persons there were a lady (somewhere from Africa) and an Indian (from Delhi, wish i knew his name). Both of them made us feel at absolutely feel at home. The guy from Delhi, knowing that we were vegetarians, made it a point that we had our share of Vegetarian dishes, EVERYDAY of our Stay. Food is usually a big factor in deciding how your stay goes. Although the items were repetitive, i have nothing to complain since the breakfast was sufficient for us to keep us moving for the rest of the busy days we had ahead of us. A big thank you to both the folks in the dining section. (Ramadan just started and the staff serving us food were extremely respectful of the fasting tradition and had requested us to dine in the privacy of their dining room away from public view). The room service was very good. (we needed very little of it, besides the daily cleaning), which again a lady (from Africa) did a wonderful job. Again, thanks to her. All this experience with these nice people made our stay a very pleasant one. I ask the management of this hotel to please pass on a word of thanks to all the staff who made our short stay a memorable one. I do not want to deny that others may have had a different experience than us, but May be we were lucky to get this staff who took care of us well. As i mentioned earlier, Ramadan just started a day before our visit (i definitely did not take this into account when i had planned for these dates, but i believe it turned out to be a boon to us since the volume of visitors were low and we were probably taken care of well..) I would definitely recommend this hotel and will also plan to stay there on my next visit to Dubai, whenever that happens. (I had stayed at various hotels in Dubai on my previous visits, but this first visit with my Family definitely is a memorable one)
  • Shortest Stay
    I went to St. George hotel on 23rd April with my wife, at around 12 Noon, I showed my booking paper to receptionist he asked for our passports and as soon I gave him passports, I guess he didn’t like our passports and he start talking to someone over phone, I tried to get his attention after few minutes, he simply ignored, now at this situation while he was having our passports in hand I couldn’t leave the counter, after approx 10 minutes or so when he left the phone, he told me to sit and wait as the check-in time is 14:00, he was correct but sometimes hotel management offers early check-in, as a courtesy specially if it is after 12:00 noon. I was bit disappointed and told him that he could say this to me earlier, why did he hold me on counter for so long. No Use. Then we went out and came back at 14:00 he told us to sit and wait till room gets ready, we agreed then I asked him if he can give us wifi password so we can send some messages to back home while sitting and waiting for room, he said he cannot give us wifi unless we check-in the room, once we check-in after that we can use wifi in lobby. I could understand all this as a joke, but all this was said in a very insulting manner. Though I left my booking paper with reception and we just walked out. I can’t say anything about rooms because I never saw one from inside, I ‘d like to advice hotel management to appoint staff who are not rude to guests, anyways I am never going to that hotel again.
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