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Ten nowoczesny hotel w Dubaj jest usytuowany w dzielnicy Dubai City Centre i posiada między innymi saunę, basen odkryty i ekspresowe meldowanie/wymeldowywanie. Obiekt ma dobrą lokalizację w centrum dużego miasta. 3-gwiazdkowy hotel w ramach udogodnień oferuje basen dla dzieci, salę spotkań i bar kawowy. Obiekt posiada udogodnienia dla rodzin, w tym pokoje z opieką nad dziećmi i wysokimi krzesełkami. W nowoczesnych pokojach w hotelu goście znajdą aneks kuchenny z kuchenką mikrofalową i lodówką. Wszystkie mają na wyposażeniu prywatną łazienkę, miejsca siedzące i zestaw do kawy i herbaty. Każdego dnia goście obiektu Welcome Hotel Apartment 2 mogą zjeść przepyszne śniadanie, które zapewni im energię potrzebną do tego, aby poznać wszystkie uroki okolicy. W najbliższej okolicy znajduje się bardzo dużo restauracji i kawiarni. Oddalony o 10 minut drogi od takich miejsc, jak Khalid Bin Al Waleed Metro Station obiekt Welcome Hotel Apartment 2 ma pomocną obsługę, która z chęcią podpowie, co warto zobaczyć w czasie pobytu w Dubaj. Z hotelu można w kilkanaście minut dostać się samochodem do takich miejsc, jak Dubai Creek.
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  • Welcome Hotel Apartment 2

    Khalid Bin Waleed, Bur Dubai, Dubaj, Emirat Dubaj, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie

    Khalid Bin Waleed, Bur Dubai, Dubaj, Emirat Dubaj, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie Hotel Apartment 2/@25.2589723793,55.3039003909


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  • Excellent room size
    Firstly, I booked this hotel (3 nights) because of its proximity to the Al-Seef Meera along Dubai Creek (near the US Consulate) where good restaurants are located and a place for liesure walks. Also this 'apartelle' is less than 10 minutes quick walk from Bur Juman Mall where there are a lot of good shops, restaurants, grocery, cinema, etc. Second and more importantly, the Executive room is really big (one bedroom, living room area and kitchen). Space is very important to me and this is one of the few availabilities during this peak season in Dubai. I was not disappointed with the apartment size. There is also a large pool which is kept clean daily, a restaurant and food room service at specific time of the day (their published food rates are quite cheap). I was given a room at the 3rd floor. On the way to the room thru a long clean hallway, I noticed there was less lighting. I suppose that given the age of the apartelle, this is still maintained well but it would certainly need an uplift. The king size bed was firm and comes with very clean sheets. There are all the items necessary in an apartment including microwave, washing machine, electric range, ref and tv. An ironing board and laundry hanger are also provided. I give this facility a 4-star rating because of their very friendly employees (Ms. Ely at the reception, the doorman, the restaurant's breakfast team and the regular Nepali upkeep staff), quiet location and proximity to Dubai Creek and Bur Juman mall. Taxis are easy to come by infront of the property so if one needs to go to other areas of Dubai, there won't be any problem. The doorman would willingly help you flag down a cab should you need one. I would still consider this property in my next visit to the area.
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  • Nasty Experience
    It's taken me a year to write this review as I've been traumatised by my last experience at Welcome hotel apartment 2.. I arrived in dubai on the 17th of October 2016,and vacated at the above mentioned hotel, i had up until then stayed in this particular hotel during the preceding 2years and have written good reviews, because I considered it home... However, on the 22nd of October 2016 prior to leaving the hotel to go shopping, I tried to open the safe in my apartment, unfortunately this proved difficult as the safe refused to open with the set combination. The safe finally opened on the fifth attempt at which point I noticed that some of my money was not how I left it and looked light. So there and then I decided to count the money to make sure everything was there,to confirm my suspicion a total of six hundred US Dollars and one hundred and thirty British pounds was missing, on realising that my money had been stolen I called a member of staff,Mr Abdel Sanosi to report the theft. On arrival to my apartment Mr Sanosi advised that I should call the police which I did immediately..unfortunately, a police officer did not attend until 11pm at night. I narrated the events and was advised by the officer that he was unable to take any action that night and would return in the morning. On the 23rd of October 2016, after waiting for the police to come back so I could give a formal statement,there were a no show. I had to make another call to the police before any attended. Eventually, two police officers attended and on request I had to re-narate the detail of the event that took place. Sunil Maria who was the general manager of Welcome Hotel Apartment 2 was present at this point and to my horror alleged I was acting and no money was missing and started to make a scene..He further stated " You have to settle your bill" event though I was not due to check out.The police officers the intervened at this point by calling in their senior officers Galib and Kamis.. When they arrived in had to tell them what had been going on, at this point they demanded that Sunil summons all onsite domestic staff, take all their phones and investigate the reported theft and stop demanding that I settle my bill.These demands were by no means met as no one's phones were taken and no one was investigated. It was such a harrowing experience, where I felt like I was under scrutiny while no one was investigating the perpetrators. To this date, I'm yet to hear anything or notification of the outcome of their investigation..I am terribly traumatised by the way I was treated by the hotel. I was a frequent traveller to Dubai as it is a beautiful country to vacate, but this last trip has changed my view to a degree.Mr Abdel Sanosi and I have stayed in touch as this was the place I would reside when vacating in Dubai,and made good friends with the hotel staff at the hotel, so my heart breaks to even fathom the series of events happening to me.. A year later and not even an email with some form of update.
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  • Just ok
    Stayed there for three nights, the room was upgraded to single bedroom suite . The appartment is yes spacious but old. Shampoo and soap are the only toilete amenities. Water is given only once at checkin. Cleaning is very good. The staff is very nice. Breakfast is basic of more indian. I rate this hotel as two stars only.
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