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Nowoczesny hotel jest dogodnie usytuowany w centrum Deira i zapewnia basen na dachu i saunę. Z okien obiektu roztacza się piękny widok na Dubaj. W ramach dodatkowych udogodnień w Zain International Hotel goście mogą skorzystać między innymi z darmowego internetu bezprzewodowego w przestrzeni ogólnodostępnej, recepcji czynnej całą dobę i baru kawowego. Do dyspozycji gości, którzy w trakcie podróży chcą zadbać o zdrowie i dobre samopoczucie, jest dobrze wyposażona siłownia. Pokoje oferują ekspres do kawy, marmurową łazienkę i prywatny balkon. Każdy ma mini bar, lodówkę i pantofle i klimatyzację. Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa oraz Port lotniczy Dubaj są oddalone od od Zain International Hotel o zaledwie 20 minut drogi samochodem. W pobliskich restauracjach i barach można spróbować potraw kuchni lokalnej i międzynarodowej.
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  • Zain International Hotel

    Rigga Street, Deira, Dubaj, Emirat Dubaj, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie

    Rigga Street, Deira, Dubaj, Emirat Dubaj, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie International Hotel/@25.264307,55.3176994


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  • Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie,Emirat Dubaj,Dubaj,Deira
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  • Overall It was nice
    If your on a budget then this hotel is good for you. It is very next to the Union Metro station and you don't need to switch lines all the time from red line to green line. The hotel rooms are decent, the wifi works fine. Its a good place for a stop over or if you are in dubai just to shop.
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  • budget friendly hotel
    Best hotel for business travelers. I will stay at Zain hotel again . Nice place I liked their roast beef the most.The location, near at the airport.close to Union and Rigga metro and shopping centre. Comfortable room. Ideal for a short stay.
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  • Stay Away - Just Stay Away!
    I cannot think of anything positive about this hotel. Some people say that the location is great - there are much better places to stay in Dubai. Don't let location make you fall for this piece of junk. The hotel calls itself a 3-star hotel, even super budget lodges or hostels would be a 5 star by that scale. A couple of friends and I (3 of us) had made an online booking for 5 nights for our short trip of Dubai. A few friends from Dubai who had come to pick us up at the airport dropped us at the hotel and we asked them to come to our room to spend a few minutes with us. The first impression itself disappointed us - it was nowhere close to the 3 stars we had hoped for. The check in was nothing but hassle free - we were charged 10 AED per night as Entertainment tax and also asked to deposit our passports (Which were our only ID we had on us) to which we objected. They wanted a 500 AED deposit instead which we had to pay since we didn’t want some shady hotel holding our valuable documents. They WILL hold your passport or be ready to shell a good amount as deposit. When our friends (who had come to pick us up) joined us to the rooms they were stopped saying guests were not allowed to the rooms. We asked why and we got a reply that it was a “Family Hotel”. What is that supposed to mean??? One of my friends who has been in Dubai for over 10 years challenged this and they just said it’s a rule. We are pretty sure it is just something they have in place to avoid local UAE residents see something they shouldn’t be seeing. Something is really shady with this place. Finally, our friends were given a 30 minute window (after surrendering their UAE id card and driver’s license) to accompany us to the room. We had booked a triple room paying extra money – what we got was a single room with 2 extra beds. There is no way that room could have been made to accommodate more than 1. Our friends hardly spent 5 mins in the room – they ran for their lives. Even the 3 of us felt so crowded and suffocated in the room but we had already paid the full fare so were stuck. The bathroom was super cramped with no ventilation and if you opened the window you could literally see the bathroom of the adjacent room. You get hot water throughout but that is about it. If you take a shower the whole bathroom floor would be drenched as the shower curtain only covers half the area, it is supposed to cover. Probably they cut the curtain in half and used it in two rooms – I find no other reason for it to be so small. Since we were tried we crashed and the next morning we had to take turns to get ready. While one was getting ready the others had to be in bed otherwise we would keep bumping into each other. We went down for breakfast and I don’t want to comment on it at all. You get stale food! If you don’t want to end up in a hospital - stay away!!!! We didn’t hear the music from the club maybe because it was situated away from us or maybe since it was not operational while we there. That is the only positive I can think off! If I could have given a negative rating for this hotel I would have done so gladly!
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