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The St Regis Dubai предоставляет комфортабельное размещение, а также услуги, отвечающие требованиям любого отдыхающего.
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  • The St Regis Dubai

    Al Habtoor City, Al Quoz, Дубай, Эмират Дубай, ОАЭ

    Al Habtoor City, Al Quoz, Дубай, Эмират Дубай, ОАЭ St Regis Dubai/@25.1369,55.2183

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  • ОАЭ,Эмират Дубай,Дубай,Al Quoz
  • NO HOT WATER.....
    We were so excited to be staying at the regis but so disappointed that on arrival after a long flight we were told there was no hot water..they were very polite in explaining it would be fixed by 3pm..we decided to go out for afew hours..when we arrived at 9pm there was still no hot water in the entire hotel!!we were so upset as the hotel is beautiful and our room was lovely..i was very annoyed when they offered us a shower at their next hotel and then return was 42 degrees and very hot and muggy...We demanded to be moved and they gave us a room at the W hotel wich is next door and part of their group..although very polite, this is disgusting..there was no apology..and the W hotel was not nearly as nice as the regis..we were not given a refund or we paid for the sophisticated lovely Arabic regis hotel but stayed in the plain Americanised small w hotel We are very disappointed to say the least...
  • Wonderful
    The reception and welcome extremely good. The hotel design and atmosphere is great. The rooms are well-designed and clean really enjoyed this stay Many facilities and restaurants The service level is high
  • Great St Regis Service
    The St Regis brand typically sets really high expectations, and my experience with other St Regis is that it is not easy to meet such high expectations. In St Regis Dubai however, I had one of the finest St Regis service experience ever. Not only did the team meet the high bar, they exceeded it. The St Regis Dubai's Bulter team offers a whatsapp service, and I was able to sort out my airport transfer issues with Etihad through the Bulter team via whatsapp, while I was out at the Malls, and before I arrive at the hotel, I was able to order ice to be delivered to the room. Such a situation might not be done easily perhaps just a decade ago, but St Regis Dubai has embraced technology to improve on their service offerings. If you are also an SPG Platinum, the recognition is great here; and if you are around in the evening, St Regis Dubai offers evening drinks for SPG Plats (it was at the St Regis Bar during my time there), and the wine selections are good (1 Sparkling/1 Red/1 White - and they are very decent quality ones). The wine glasses used are of superb quality as well - Zwiesel 1872 hand made series. Other hard liquors selections are offered too. For SPG Plats, you are allowed to select Premium Wifi as well. The property is beautiful and fitting of a St Regis.
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