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Меню из блюд итальянской кухни, уютный лаунж для общения и приятная музыка позволят вам провести в ресторане Amika вечер с друзьями, о котором у вас останутся приятные воспоминания. Расположенный на первом этаже отеля Аш (The H Hotel) на шоссе шейха Зайеда, этот удостоенный наград ресторан с приятной атмосферой всегда полон гостей.
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  • Amika

    воскресенье to суббота, 8:00pm to 3:00am

    +971 [0] 4 354 4005

    The H Hotel Dubai, E11 Шейх Заид роуд, Трейд-центр 1, Джумейра

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  • one of the worst places
    we checked online and this place had a ladies night, called to confirm and yip it was real. Went to the place, it was quite empty except for one table with a few people. We went to the bar waited like idiots although staff could be seen. Eventually a waiter passed by the bar, we enquired about the offerings and he said he had no info on it. We then mentioned we had called and it was confirmed, he said he would check with his manager. We then saw him setting tables or whatever and after 15minutes of walking around he came back and said there is no ladies night etc lol we were then told they have a private event, an 'Indian party' but we welcome to join. Funny thing is we were watching him and he didn't even have the decency to pretend to go to the back and ask. all the other staff ignored our existence. It was insane to this day when someone mentions the place I warn them about it and now I am warning you lol do not bother. We did not mind spending on drinks but that level of service killed my vibe.
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  • Great Club, good music but over-priced
    This restaurant turns into a club post 11;30pm or so in the night... They play desi music on Thursday nights - not sure about the other nights... Been here twice, once the music was great,,,the second time average.. The drinks are a bit over - priced than other places... if visiting the club then entry policies are difficult post 12am.
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  • Great, smart and expensive.
    Nice club, good music. Not the biggest club, in fact it seems surprisingly small for Dubai's stature. However, it plays host to some of Dubai's elites. Table prices are expensive, but what isn't in Dubai?! Im a Brandy drinker and they had no brandy, so that was a no no for me. Its worth pointing out the club turns into an oven when at 60%+ capacity, and if you dislike the smell of smokers in the club, this probably isn't the best option to go to. Service is Exceptional. Seriously good.
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