Bikers Cafe
Путешествуя на своем байке, сделайте остановку в Bikers Cafe
Джумейра является отличным местом, чтобы воплотить здесь в жизнь свою поездку мечты на байке, и ресторан Bikers Cafe был создан именно для этого. Если вы любите демонстрировать колеса своего байка публике, то смело паркуйтесь и займите столик по соседству с другими байкерами. Вас будут окружать мотоциклы, фото и безделушки, которые разожгут вашу страсть к дороге. Это тематическое заведение расположено в Джумейре возле Mercato Mall.

Bikers Cafe

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55,25057823 25,21571131 Cafe/@25.21571131,55.25057823
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    Вс До Ср & Сб С 07:00 До 01:00, Чт До Пт С 07:00 До 02:0

    +971 [0] 4 349 3585

    Джумейра 1, Джумейра

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  • Breakfast
    Great place to have breakfast I always came to here And Bijay the waiter who's always service me he the best always smiling and greeting he is doing hard work
  • You don't have to be made but it helps
    Been here many times since it opened both, with others, and solo, and always had a good time. Love the laid back offering with a breezy open veranda making it an ‘inside out kinda place’ any time of year. Just do what feels good, kick back with expresso at roadside tables or sit in the diner. Lots of well-curated petrol head art on the walls hints of danger and adventure and adds to the experience. Members of the local motorbike fraternities swing by periodically and sit outside admiring their rides parked in rows on the pavement. Tourists are wowed and selfies are indulged, but you should never sit on a bike without permission! Some of the motorbikes inside the diner are valuable collectables and only for decoration. There is a constant churn of visitors which makes it great for people watching. Biker’s Café is a favourite haunt of Emarati families in Jumeriah for a quick bite and there are lots of Arabic options on the menu. Waiter service is competent and speedy. The food is an ironic take of faux greasy spoon biker fare served in a fancy way with balsamic vinegar and ciabatta. It is prepared by a chef who looks too respectable. The crab and avocado starter is super and I have it every time. Menu does not change. Biker’s Café are VERY serious about their coffee. As you would expect, the coffee machine is an unusual imported brand with a custom paint job and they use words like macciato and affrogato so you know they know their stuff. Recently the interior was refurbished to add a ranch style seating area which suits larger groups. I bought t-shirts for biker friends who live abroad and they loved them but not sure if the boutique still exists. Several motor groups meet here regularly like the Defender Club. More branches of this unique institution are being opened around UAE and it is a winning formula so hope they spread further abroad... Biker’s Cafe is close to a public beach with jogging track and can be found opposite Mercato Mall. Powder room princess rating: urban cheeky.
  • For Bikers Only !!!
    Being a biker, I completely fell in love with place and the food. Having got a chance to visit such cafe in Dubai and was fortunate enough to meet like minded bikers who were having the weekend rides and meet up at that time. This cafe is very beautifully designed showcasing all the biking history, displaying real time bikes and naming the dishes after the bikes. BMW Motorad had their bikes displayed in this cafe and must say they were more than 10 bikes on display. It is a very chilled out place to hang by and spend time on the evenings. The food on the menu is also very commendable and value for the money paid.
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