Fraiche Cafe & Bistro

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro
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Fraiche Cafe & Bistro – идеальное место для заряжающего энергией завтрака и расслабляющего ланча. Окна от пола до потолка освещают бистро в солнечные дни, создавая светлое и лёгкое настроение. Кафе специализируется на франко-канадской кухне, и в меню представлены её традиционные хиты, в том числе путин (Poutine) – блюдо из картошки фри, соуса и свежего сыра курд, которое непременно стоит попробовать. Местное фирменное блюдо – нежную говядину по-бургундски Wagyu с заправленным сливками картофельным пюре, морковью, жемчужным луком и грибами, также обязательно стоит отведать.
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55,15297695 25,07792146 Cafe & Bistro/@25.07792146,55.15297695
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  • Fraiche Cafe & Bistro

    Пт До Сб С 08:00 До 18:00, Вс До Чт С 08:00 До 19:00, Рамадан С 08:00 До 22:00

    +971 [0] 4 369 7821

    Аль Тания 5, Хадаек Мохаммед Бин Рашид

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  • Nice place for breakfast good value for money
    Had the all you can eat breakfast menu and coffee. In general the breakfast was good (had eggs Benedict and Scottish eggs) and the French toast is a must try (thought could be more rich with berries and maple syrup). We paid 225 for 3 adults and one 3 years old kid so the price is really reasonable.
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  • Best Weekend Breakfast In Dubai!
    By far the best place in Dubai to have breakfast on the weekends! The food is fresh, flavourful and delicious -I've tried everything on the breakfast menu at least 4 times due to the amazing brunch offer= All you can eat from the breakfast section + cereal + fruit for under 100dhs (drinks are chargeable). The food is prepared quickly and the venue is light and modern. Unfortunately it's the standard Dubai service that lets them down and why I've given 3 instead of 5 stars. The waiter mechanically offered the menus and he didn't highlight the brunch offer available or confirm whether we were going to avail it. We ordered the first round. Upon me ordering the second the waiter sounded surprised. Upon my table mate ordering a second round the waiter sounded irritated. To avoid confusion and promote your product interact with guests when they enter and upsell your offers. Confirm their order upon leaving the table and highlight any specials. The only server who had personality and initiative was the female (Filipino looking lady (The servers don't wear name badges or introduce themselves.)): she smiled, interacted, quick, efficient -I hope she's the manager or at least gets compensated more than the others who adopted the role of robotic, minimalist, (efficient) plate carriers. (Saturday morning 1045-1245) I will be coming back as the food, offer and ambience are too good to miss!
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  • Love this place
    This place is so good, I have ordered a lot of different items from the menu and enjoyed them all! I would recommend the chicken dip which comes with a small pot of Jus it's delicious.
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