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Как это следует из самого названия, Hollywood Burger специализируется на бургерах. Но это не те стандартные бургеры, к которым вы привыкли. Эта сеть недорогих фастфудов доводит банальный рецепт из куска говядины, помещенной между двух булочек, практически до уровня кулинарного шедевра, ежедневно нарезая на своей кухне 100 % натуральную говядину, которая никогда не замораживалась, наполняя сэндвичи свежими местными продуктами.

Закажите любое сочетание начинки. Например, Blockbuster Burger готовится с кольцами лука, сыром чеддар и соусом барбекю, а Celebrity Burger — с хрустящим беконом и мягким голубым сыром. Здесь даже есть бургер из баранины, подающийся с сыром фета, красным луком, огурцами и соусом дзадзики, а также сэндвич с курицей-гриль для любителей белого мяса.

Сейчас у Hollywood Burger есть два филиала в Дубае — первый филиал, открытый в торговом центре Boulevard Mall, и еще один — в Сити ВокMall.

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55,27360851 25,19144139 Burger/@25.19144139,55.27360851
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  • Hollywood Burger, Boulevard Mall
  • Hollywood Burger

    Вс До Ср & Сб С 10:00 До 01:00, Чт До Пт С 10:00 До 03:00

    +971 [0] 4 454 7312

    Бурдж Халифа, Заабиль

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  • Dont go!
    Now I dont really know exactly how to put this but dont eat there ever again ! My wife was pregnant to our second child we ordered delivery from Hollywood Burger and from the following day she started not feeling very well. We thought it was the early pregnancy signs but by the 2 day she was vomiting bile. We went to the doctor run some test only to be told that she had amoeba. For those of you who dont know amoeba is caused when the chef cause to the toilet does his business and doesnt wash his hands. She stayed in hospital 3 days! So for the love of God dont go to hollywood burger
  • One of the best burgers in Dubai
    This place is surely overlooked in the sea of burger joints that have flooded Dubai in recent years. Elevation, Cali, Max, Fuel, Fat, Fudds, Rocket's, Shack, etc, you name it, they'll here to offer their wares in droves. However, Hollywood Burger serves up one of Dubai's best burgers. They offer onions, cucumber and jalapeno's as toppings free of charge in addition to fresh lettuce and tomatoes. The combination of all of the above hits the spot. The service and atmosphere are great and they are open late. The burgers are grilled to perfection, the fries and shakes are also good. Parking is easy in the underground lots and there's lots of places to go for a walk, coffee or desert after your meal. Hollywood Burger is underrated, a good value, very tasty and worth a visit!
  • Good burgers
    We got two 20% off vouchers for Hollywood Burger and since this is on my brother's wishlist we were in Citywalk and decided to get him a burger and fries. We ordered one Double Feature and one Blockbuster Burger. While I was there I took pictures of the restaurant it looked good going for a 'Hollywood' theme, booths, stars and posters. I liked the ambiance but the restaurant was empty on a Sunday night. They have seating outside a swell the service was good we ordered takeaway and it was prepared in front of us plus the service was prompt. Overall it's not too expensive plus we got a 20% discount. Overall the food was good I liked the double feature it was huge quite a bit of fries and onion rings the burger itself was very good the meat was grilled nicely had a nice char but not too overpowering. Plus the restaurant looked gorgeous and is located in Citywalk I don't think you need to ask for more. P.S You need to spend at least 40 AED to avail the discount and like their facebook page here's the link:
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