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Закажите столик в Kris with a View, и вы сможете поужинать на последнем этаже отеля Парк Реджис (Park Regis) в районе Карама, с которого откроется несравненный вид на город, и при этом вам не придётся раскошелиться, как часто это бывает в таких ситуациях. Насладитесь выбором блюд из разных уголков Азии, каждое из которых вам приготовит профессиональный шеф-повар именно из того региона, откуда само блюдо. Закажите десерт и его подадут в примыкающем коктейль-баре, что позволит вам насладиться живой музыкой и широким выбором напитков.
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55,30277371 25,2513113 With A View/@25.25131130,55.30277371
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  • Kris With A View
  • Kris With A View

    Вс До Сб С 18:00 До 02:00

    +971 [0] 4 377 1111

    Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, Карама, Бур Дубай

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    Elegant restaurant that is beautifully decorated. We enjoyed our dinner with a city view. The manager is welcoming. Staff are professional. The menu has different cuisine selections: Thai, chinese, indian and more. Tasty food. Excellent service.
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  • Misleading promotion - awful value for the money
    Went there with friends for dinner last night for the 195 AED seafood buffet which states seafood ranging from shrimp to crab and lobster only to be told lobster and crab were not included. Manners were quite rude as if it was our own fault in misreading "ranging" and tried to give us a lesson on our English interpretation. Food selection is scarce, not worth the money especially given the service attitude. Only saving grace is the view.
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  • Kris With a View
    Kris with a View, is located on the 19th floor of Park Regis Hotel. This stylish restaurant offers a spectacular view of both old & new Dubai. The restaurant is tastefully separated into a lounge area and a restaurant area. I like the idea of sitting away and enjoying the fine view, and drinks in the company of your friends and then going in for dinner. The ambiance is simply calming and serene, and is the best place to unwind after a hard day’s work. Live music, wine and good company is definitely an easy way to unwind. The service, right from the reception is on par. You are warmly welcomed to the restaurant and ushered to your seat. I loved how the staff were attentive to all the guests. I was handed a beverage menu in the lounge area and was served some snacks for the drinks. The live music just made the whole environment very relaxing (or was it the wine). We made our way for dinner and waited in anticipation to try the meat fondue. A pot of hot oil was placed on our table with a burner underneath. An array of vegetables and beef were later placed on our table along with bread platter, sauce and skewers. I was excite to try the fondue and dipped in half done beef pieces in the oil. The simmering sound of the oil added to the evening. Boiled potatoes, cauliflower, Broccoli, Bell peppers, mushrooms and sausages were laid out for the fondue treat. Personally, I’m not much of an oil lover and hence the experience although exciting wasn’t something I would want to try again. However, the novel concept is intriguing and those who love their meat and veggies deep fried would savor the same. Apart from the view what I loved the most was the Goan style fish curry. It was a seafood dream. The gravy was creamy and unleashed the ocean in my mouth. My first impression was the smell that hit me when they opened the lid of my goan curry. It made me slaver. A small bowl of rice was placed alongside the fish curry. My friend chose to have Butter chicken, and he instantly started gorging on it – coming up in intervals to state how tasty the butter chicken was. I would highly recommend the Goan fish curry, made surprisingly by a chef from Bangladesh. Food definitely doesn’t have boundaries. It was a pleasure to have met him and to have learned of his journey as well. Overall, Kris with a view is a hidden gem yet to be discovered. And I’m highly surprised why it wasn’t jam packed. The few who know of it, have kept it a secret I’m guessing. The place, the ambiance, food, and service is excellent. Kris with a View is a restaurant that promises to delight guests with its variety of exotic cuisines sourced from the origins of the ancient spice trail. Specialty dishes from China, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Arabia amongst others will please the palates of the most discerning whilst partaking of a variety of wines from the New and Old Worlds.
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