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Приходите в Medley – популярное место для ланчей и бранчей, расположенное в отеле Pullman Hotel в торговом центре Mall of the Emirates. Вы сможете расслабиться в тёплом интерьере, сидя за красиво украшенными столами со свежими цветами и приглушённым освещением. Большие порции и широкий выбор блюд делают этот шведский стол очень популярным. Заряжающий энергией ланч в Medley, доступный с воскресенья по четверг, тоже настоящий хит среди гурманов, которым нравится отличное основное блюдо с не менее вкусным десертом и достойным напитком.
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55,33529237 25,25147139,55.33529237
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  • Medley

    Вс До Сб С 06:30 До 23:30, Государственные праздники С 06:30 До 23:30

    +971 [0] 4 294 1222

    Порт Саид, Дейра

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  • Delicious feast
    Huge range of food. We went on fish night and were blown away by the huge range of dishes. The frozen fish on display had my 3 year old completely amused... this place was busy but still no issue being seated and well looked after... took the time to entertain my daughter and bring her a plate of fries... on the house... We choose a mixture of fish which was individually prepared and delivered to our table... we struggled to eat it all as portions were large... Desert was another huge mixture of selections and treats.... Fantastic service and food... It was a privilege to dine here....
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  • What a Shame!
    I read good good reviews about the seafood night but my experience was completely different. I made reservation and got there at 9pm on Thursday November 2nd. There was nothing seafood there except for the fish. I asked for lobster and was told it was finished, there was no crab, no shrimp, and nothing else but the fish. What is the meaning of seafood night? I felt completely robbed because I hardly eat anything beside the tasteless fish that was grilled for me. Even with Groupon voucher, it’s not worth it at all. It’s a fraud to say u serve seafood and have nothing seafood to serve your customer. I will never never recommend this seafood night to anyone. I went to a local seafood restaurant in the area and had real seafood dinner at less than half the price.
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  • Amazing food
    We had a romantic dinner on a seafood night and the choice of food was just huge, my favourite part was that you could choose fresh seafood, anything you like, and they will cook it in front of you at the live kitchen station, so that you can enjoy on maximum. The atmosphere in the restaurant welcoming and charming with dim lights and candles on the table just added to our mood, definitely a place to come back again and again. Apart from that special thank you for Damith, Marites and Mae, who provided a flawless service and made us feel special on our day.
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