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Расположенный на 43-м этаже отеля Эмирейтс Гранд (Emirates Grand Hotel) и предлагающий прекрасную панораму на Аравийское море и город Panorama Restaurant – это место с неформальной обстановкой для перекуса по приятным ценам. Заведение использует свежие ингредиенты со всего Ближнего Востока, здесь вам предложат такие закуски, как киббех, самбусек и куриные крылышки, а также салаты, бутерброды, гамбургеры и более основательные блюда меню a la carte, такие как креветки, приготовленные на гриле, различные варианты микс-гриля и паст.
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  • Panorama Restaurant

    Вс До Сб С 06:30 До 23:00, Государственные праздники С 06:30 До 23:00

    +971 [0] 4 323 0000

    Emirates Grand Hotel, Трейд-центр 2, Заабиль

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  • Could be so much better
    Panorama restaurant has the potential to be among those good dining spots on Sheikh Zayed Road, but instead the management appears to be satisfied with its role of cheap buffet place. The restaurant is located on the 43rd floor of Emirates Grand Hotel on SZR, with some good panoramic views which are completely messed up because the windows are unclean for weeks or even months. The walls are decorated with green and white balloons most of which end up laying on the floor. It is better for current chefs not to come up with any "creative" ideas on food decoration: they have no clue how to do that (see the photos). Variety of food for Eid Brunch was alright: selection of salads and mains was rich, Hammour was especially impressive. However, chicken in all dishes was dry. Chicken Biryani did not have its usual fragrance and taste. Very noisy and annoying entertainment after 2 pm.
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  • Birthday Party
    We had a small party for my child’s b’day in Panorama restaurant - Emirates Grand Hotel on Sept 2018. This is a thank you note for all the staff and their services . We had a lunch party. There were a reasonably good range of dishes for the buffet. The salad and dessert counter had enough options as well. The child's play area is a real boon for the kids. Mr. Ifam, the supervisor was there for the full event. He was supportive towards all our requests and made sure all went well. I wanted to do some decorations and though it was not part of the deal, the staff assisted throughout. Special mention to Ms Apple, she had wonderful ideas and skills for the decoration. She was there just to assist us but instead she took over and did it even better than expected. Also Ms. Michelle did a commendable job in taking care of my guests. She was always ready with a smile. The only minor negatives I’d like to point are at times, I felt the air condition is slightly less and secondly I wish the elevators were faster. But overall we’re very happy and thankful to Mr. Ifam and the entire team for making my kid’s birthday a wonderful event.
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  • Eid Buffet
    We had a eid buffet on 2018, the arrangements and food was good, Not much of variety but what ever its having a=good quantity and quality. The view from the restaurant was amazing.
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