Pars Iranian Restaurant
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Pars Iranian Restaurant – это популярная франшиза иранских ресторанов, состоящая из пяти заведений, удобно расположенных по всему Дубаю, включая и ресторан в Аль-Джафилии. Оцените атмосферу с живописным внутренним двориком, старинным декором и древними персидскими мотивами. Попробуйте традиционные мясо и рыбу на гриле, тушеные блюда, а также свежую иранскую выпечку и сладости.
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  • Pars Iranian Restaurant

    Вс До Сб С 11:00 До 24:00, Государственные праздники С 11:00 До 24:00

    +971 [0] 4 398 8787

    Аль Джафилия, Бур Дубай

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  • the juiciest kebabs ever
    Love the mutton kebabs in this place. And the flat bread, white cheese and salad platter that they serve as a starter. these guys are very good. The lentil soup is good in winters too. And dont forget to order the 'noon khamen' (choux pastry filled with rose flavoured whipped cream) it's to die for!!
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  • Decent, mid-priced Iranian restaurant
    Pars is one of the well-established, mid-priced Iranian restaurants which does everything well, not fantastic, but good enough. Their kababs are varied and authentic enough to please all but the die-hard kabab enthusiasts. My favourite is the shrimp kabab, something not everyone serves; certainly not well. It is simply delightful with a squirt of lime. But it’s their crowd pleasing mixed grills they are most famous for. Served with a combination of best-sellers – Lari, Joojeh, Koobideh, Shrimp and Fish there’s usually a kabab there to please everyone. Their khoreshts (stews) are very good. I choose them rather than the kababs every time. If available when you visit, try the Ghormeh Sabzi – bite sized pieces of lamb stewed in a sautéed blend of fragrant herbs; mainly spinach, parsley, coriander, and seasoned with the key herb, dried fenugreek leaves (called shambalileh in Persian), which gives it its peculiar flavour. Pars does a decent Ghormeh Sabzi. Also worth trying is their Baghali Polo Mahicheh – slow cooked lamb shanks served with rice infused with finely chopped dill and mixed-in broad (fava) beans – it’s absolutely brilliant. And then you have that lovely minted tea to have with Iranian profiteroles, or cream puffs (noon-khamei in Persian) from the Iranian Sweets Palace next door to end your meal – bah bah! It doesn’t get much better than that, hey?
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  • Superb kebab dishes
    Must try the sampler plate with 4 rice and 8 different kebabs in it! In the end of the course have some mint tea and sweets. Really tasty food, will make you full!
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