Ranches Restaurant & Bar

Ranches Restaurant & Bar
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Приезжайте в тихий пригород Arabian Ranches и загляните в популярный здесь ресторан с соответствующим названием Ranches Restaurant & Bar. Здесь вы получите простую, но вкусную еду в удобном интерьере этого ресторана-гольф-клуба, в меню которого акцент сделан на блюда традиционной британской кухни. Посидите на открытой террасе в зимнее время, и вы ощутите большее уединение с красивым видом на окрестности. В четверг здесь проводится популярный вечер викторин, а на протяжении недели – тематические шведские столы.
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55,2681649 25,05171062 Restaurant & Bar/@25.05171062,55.26816490
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  • Ranches Restaurant & Bar

    Вс До Сб С 06:30 До 10:30

    +971 [0] 4 360 7935

    Гольф-клуб Arabian Ranches, Вади Аль Сафа 6, Дубай-Лэнд

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  • Golf Club - great after party but a little short on the food front
    I had the great pleasure to stay at Arabian Ranches Golf - see a separate review - and as part of this stay I had a late lunch with my family at the restaurant - Ranches. It was a mixed experience - the staff were generally great and attentive - but I was just a little disappointed by the food. Not that it was bad - it just wasn't great. My girls shared the Cheese burger and it was only half eaten - which if shared is still half eaten. My ex and I had a bite each and it was understandable - it was a burger with cheese but not much else on a very sweet bun. Contrast this with a great plate of garlic prawns, a tasty plate of nachos, and a very well put together Burrata plate. Main vegan salad was a surprise but probably not with a great base of really good humus. Order the Jumbo Prawns if you like shell fish - really quite good!! So then to the aftermath. Children to bed and then partake of the live entertainment. Really good - and some of the best "techno supported" music and a great Filipino voice. Then comes the hammer - the espresso martini - one of the best i have had and I have had a few!! So what can I say - a game of two halves. If you have two halves to play then see them thru - you will leave as I did - not enamoured with the food but embraced by the experience.
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  • Refreshing Spot
    Nice light and location for this restaurant. Great selection of beer. Food is nicely presented and tasty however a little expensive for what you get.
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  • Not Just For Golf
    Enjoyable experience with excellent service. Recommend the Beef and Mushroom Pie but avoid the (2) roast potatoes and ask for mash or chips!!!
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