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Этот изысканный, утончённый ресторан, ориентированный на всё то лучшее, что есть в британской кухне с её прославлением калорийной пищи, вверен знаменитому шеф-повару Гари Родесу. С закусками, птифурами (восхитительными британскими лакомствами, такими как томатный суп и пшеничные лепёшки), ваша трапеза, несомненно, растянется надолго, особенно, учитывая тот факт, что вам потребуется также время на то, чтобы такая вкусная, калорийная пища переварилась. Обязательно попробуйте восхитительный чай, заваренный лично Родесом.
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  • Rhodes-in-Residence
  • Rhodes W1

    Вс До Сб С 07:00 До 23:00, Государственные праздники С 07:00 До 23:00

    +971 [0] 4 317 6000

    Grosvenor House Dubai, Марса Дубаи, Джумейра

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  • Afternoon Tea with a Twist
    If you are looking for an afternoon tea with a difference, then head here, Instead of the usual sandwiches, cakes and scones, you will receive, mini Scotch Eggs and delicious pies and firm British favourites like, Eton Mess. only down side is that the scones are miniature and delicious and I wanted more of this delicious fayre.
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  • A tea worth travelling for
    Having experienced 5 star afternoon teas in London this beats any of the best for selection taste, especially service (not to mention value). It was a nice surprise to be offered freshly squeezed juices alongside a wide selection of fresh teas. The cakes melted in the mouth with the favourites being lemon drizzle and custard tart. Staff were more than happy for us to spend as long at our leisure as we wanted and not that we could have eaten the extras but they were offered. Our favourite restaurant in London was Rhodes24, Gary, (not that we don't enjoy it here) but why do we need to travel to Dubai now to eat in one of your excellent restaurants?
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  • Best Afternoon Tea ever!!!!
    Visiting friends in Dubai for a holiday we decided to try out Rhodes in Residence for afternoon tea as it seemed a very patriotic thing to do as we are from the Uk and so is our Gary. From the minute we pulled up outside the hotel and greeted by the valet parking attendant to the minute we left with our doggie bags we had the most amazing time. We were shown to our table in beautiful surroundings of modern contemporary design. Lots of fresh white roses and lilies and flickering candles and mirrors. Absolutely stunning. The waiters and waitresses were extremely professional polite and friendly and were very understanding when one of our friends arrived late due to an accident which resulted in a trip to the hospital and turning up almost at the end of the afternoon tea, however the staff were brilliant as immediately on her arrival on crutches they could not do enough for her and proceeded to bring her food out whilst continuing to serve us beverages and even another cheeky croque Monsieur each which are Devine!!! The price for the standard afternoon tea is 150 dirhams and quite honestly is the best value of anywhere we have experienced in Dubai over the last several years of holidaying here and also the highest standard of cuisine. There was an abundance of food and seconds if a particular favourite was wanted which was difficult as from the fish balls to the exquisite sandwiches followed by the delightful miniature scones and cakes seconds were wanted for everything but we just couldn't eat it all and asked if we could take the leftovers home. The staff were great as they brought us plastic boxes and packed the cakes and sandwiches in them for us. The drinks included in the price of the tea were equally appealing and abundant and the choice of tea was incredible and I opted for a flowering tea in a glass teapot and it was delicious and very unusual to see the flower opening in the teapot in the hot water. Quite an experience. There was also sparking and still water constantly being offered as well as fresh fruit juices and probably the nicest cap pachinko we've ever actually tasted anywhere. Smooth and creamy!! And finally visiting the restrooms is an experience in itself and I'm not one for taking photographs of restrooms normally but on this occasion I made an exception and went back to the table to get my camera. From the minute you enter and see the floor to ceiling mirrors and individual stools to the beautiful deep rugs and glass bowls and the most beautiful hand washes and hand creams complimented by vases of fresh lilies and beautifully laundered hand towels you can not help but be impressed, and I would say and my friends agreed that the restrooms were far superior to the ones at the Burj al Arab!!!!!!! All in all an amazing day and even though there are no actual windows in the area that afternoon tea is served in and usually you expect a room with a view I can honestly say that we didn't even notice until we were about to leave. It certainly doesn't detract from the setting in any way. I must finally mention the staff and in particular a young South African lady who was one of our waitresses by the name of Joanne who was absolutely brilliant and very professional and such a pleasant and friendly manner , however all of the staff we met must be congratulated for their approach and dedication to ensuring that we had the most lovely afternoon. Well done and thank you and we shall certainly return on our next visit to Dubai.
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