Shang Palace
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Если вы любите китайскую кухню, вы можете также заглянуть в этот превосходный ресторан. Расположенный на террасе с видом на лобби отеля Shangri-La Hotel, ресторан кажется величественным, а широкий выбор классических блюд оправдывает ваши ожидания и удовлетворяет вкусы. Когда будет подано ваше блюдо, вас ожидает внимание к деталям с тщательно продуманными вкусами и ароматами, а также красивая сервировка.
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55,27201304 25,20810011 Palace/@25.20810011,55.27201304
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  • Shang Palace
  • Shang Palace

    Вс До Сб С 12:30 До 15:00, 19:00 До 23:30 Государственные праздники С 12:30 До 15:00, 19:00 До 23:30

    +971 [0] 4 405 2703

    Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, Трейд-центр 1, Джумейра

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  • Ashraf - You are a Rockstar
    I would like to express my gratitude to Ashraf for the wonderful dining experience on the 7th October. He is a truly a wonderful gentleman. I was really impressed by his menu knowledge and his quest for perfection in Service. Another thing I noticed that he served all the tables with same passion and smile. Long way to go Ashraf and best wishes - You are truly a rockstar
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    12:41 arrived Drink water and lemon tea Starter with prawns crackers with 2 different chilly sauce and Chinese vegetable pickle (15 minutes waited the food still not coming) After 20 minutes waited Beef BBQ bun - the best Shanghai chicken dumplings (not cook enough, hard skin) Duck dumpling - good Prawns dumpling - delicious Vegetables dumpling - taste good Chicken saomay (still can taste cold inside) Seafood dumpling - good taste Fish balls in the black bean sauce - so soft and delicious Scallop dumpling - nice taste must try Radish cake - delicious, the sauce its amazing as per my friend Ema We finally done with dumplings journey after 20 minutes trying to explores all the flavor Next would be a deep fried selection Waitress from china - Lina Good communication, nice approachable Prawns spring rollers - as always the best in mouth Vegetable spring rollers - a hint of ginger make the flavor so tasty Cheese wonton - taste amazing but not matched with the name "cheese wonton with shrimp" when you taste is just like a normal shrimp without any hint of cheese Chefs recommendation selection Fried rice vegetables - no taste Eggs noodles - taste good Broccoli with mushroom - fresh sauté vegetables Home style fried tofu - so soft and good taste Crispy noodles - the same looks with eggs noodles but it comes with the soup, taste better than the eggs noodle Garlic rice - taste simple but nicer than the fried rice vegetable Congee seafood and chicken - taste the best Dessert Mango pudding - awesome!! BEST PLACE EVER !!! Highly RECOMMENDED!!
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  • Authentic Chinese food
    Shang in amy shangrila always meets a certain standard and this is no different. Small Starters were unusual and delicious. Mains were just as good. I liked the even handedness in not over using sauces, the food was tasty but subtle. Simple dish are hardest to do well in chibese cuisine and the fried rice here is classic. (Fried, then cooked in a claypot so it's a little wet). You can't go wrong here.
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