The Gramercy
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Расположенный в Международном финансовом центре Дубая (DIFC), Gramercy - уютное заведение, подходящее для встреч с друзьями, клиентами или коллегами после работы. Здесь очень вкусная еда и отличное музыкальное сопровождение - джазовые вариации в исполнении джаз-бэнда.
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55,28111453 25,21341126 Gramercy/@25.21341126,55.28111453
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  • The Gramercy
  • The Gramercy

    Чт С 08:00 До 02:00, Вс До Ср С 08:00 До 24:00, Пт С 12:00 До 24:00, Сб С 16:00 До 24:00, Рамадан С 08:00 До 24:00

    +971 [0] 4 437 7511

    Забиль 2, Заабиль

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  • Не плохо
    Хорошая музыка. Приятный персонал. Стоит посетить. Отличное место для отдыха с друзьями. по 5 бальной шкале моя оценка 4
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  • Be careful with Entertainer Voucher, good service, bit smoky, nice food
    Me and my partner came here for lunch. Unfortunately we did not realise that the business lunch menu is not covered by entertainer voucher. The entertainer voucher only covers the a la carte menu. If you are eating there, make sure that you check beforehand because this will not be explained to you and there is nothing on the menu to advise this. You have to walk through the smoking section because the non smoking section is now at the back of the room. The food was nice and the service was pleasant and cheerful. His gastro pub is in a convenient location in the DIFC area so I am sure I will return.
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  • Food
    Well......... I went expressly to taste the wonderful risotto funghi and truffle which I had eaten in several previous visits and that at that time thought it was better than in some 5* restaurants. ( not bad for a pub) However, what a disappointment this time, when I started eating it,the taste was good-ish but the rice?? Oh dear. It was sandy and instead of gliding down your throats like butter I had to force it down. Only ate half plate. Thankfully the manager was very charming and he agreed to talk to the I will go back to Dubai next week try it again and let you know if it has improved. However I must point out that the Philippino chef they had before was a magician with this dish. I also noticed that they ditched the lovely pan fried foigras served with toasted brioche and figs. Shame it was delicious. All in all its good food for a pub, I just wish that, it wasn't so good when I visited before, so that my expectation would not have being so high. Till next time Gramercy
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